Breaking News, 1st of June, 2018


As it became known to our reporters located in the Donbass — the fighters of the DPR destroyed a group of Ukrainian troops. The DPR militia told the details of the skirmish that occurred near the city of Maryinka. According to the DPR militia — the Ukrainian saboteurs were discovered during Wednesday’s evening. The militiamen decided to ambush the enemy, which they successfully did later. Recently, ANNA NEWS reported about the defeat of the Ukrainian army near the town of Gorlovka.

The US permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, announced that Washington will veto the draft of the UN Security Council that suggests the international protection for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The draft was proposed by Kuwait. «The United States will veto the Kuwaiti resolution draft» — TASS quotes Nikki Haley’s statement who, in her turn, noted that the resolution draft is based on «an extremely one-sided approach» which, in her view, is «immoral» and aimed at «undermining the efforts for peace between Israel and Palestine.»

The head of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Makei, announced, during the press conference in Brussels, that Belarus does not plan to have a Russian military base on its territory. Belarus can consider such option if Poland agrees to a permanent US military presence on their territory. Vladimir Makei explained that Minsk intends to keep the cooperation with the EU, but at the same time, Minsk wants to reduce the tensions in the region, and maintain good relations with both the West and Moscow. According to Vladimir Makei, the US military base in Poland will only increase the distrust in the region.

According to mass media reports, the army of Syria began shelling the positions of jihadists in the province of Deraa, in the south of the country. At the moment, the Syrian Army is advancing at the enemy in the al-Lijat area, in the east of province of Deraa, where the forces of the Tahrir al-Sham are concentrated. Their positions are being attacked by the 5th Syrian Army Corps, but soon the other army units, stationed in the area, will join the attack.

The forces of the 42nd «Ghiaat» Brigade of the 4th Division of the Syrian Army are coming to the Syrian province of Kuneitra. According to the sources, the Palestinian militiamen of Liva al-Quds are arriving along with the Syrian army — they will participate in the attack on the positions of jihadists in the south of Syria. According to Syrian activists, the operation will begin in the next 48 hours.

The Court of Kherson decided to keep the journalist and editor of «RIA News — Ukraine» Kirill Vyshinsky under arrest. During 17th of May, he was arrested for a period of sixty days on charges of state treason and information sabotage. During the trial, Kirill Vyshinsky asked the Russian President Vladimir Putin to take all necessary measures to release him as soon as possible, and to provide him with legal protection from the consulate and the Russian embassy. During the briefing at the Russian Foreign Ministry, a representative of the Ministry promised to provide the journalist with all possible assistance and diplomatic aid, within the framework of international legal norms.

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