Breaking News, 20th of July, 2018


Russian president Vladimir Putin, during the meeting in Helsinki, offered the US president Donald Trump to hold a referendum as one of the options for resolving the crisis in the Donbass, RIA NEWS reported with a reference to Bloomberg. Sources of the Bloomberg agency said that it would be a referendum with participation of international organizations, at which the residents of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR would express their opinion on the status of the territories. Putin and Trump agreed to not publicize the plan yet, so that the US president could think about it — Bloomberg’s interlocutors added.

The leader of the Democrats in the US Senate Chuck Schumer demanded that Donald Trump must no longer meet with the Russian president Vladimir Putin until the Congress finds out the details of the personal meeting of the leaders of the two countries in Helsinki. According to Schumer — this concerns the meetings between Trump and Putin in the United States, Russia, or elsewhere — Tass reports. According to Reuters, Chuck Schumer thus commented on Trump’s assignment to invite the Russian leader to Washington.

Kherson city court granted the petition for the arrest of the property of the editor-in-chief of RIA «NEWS UKRAINE» Kirill Vishinsky. The court’s decision reads as following: «The petition of imposing an arrest by temporary prohibition of possession, use, and disposal of property belonging to a citizen of Ukraine» — RIA NEWS reports. The apartment, garage and two cars belonging to the journalist were arrested.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report with a reference to SANA agency: ISIS does not abandon their attempts of regaining control over the oil fields in the east of the Deir Ez Zor province. Recently they tried to regain control over the Al-Jafra oil refinery, but they could not succeed. It is noted that in order to counter the ISIS terrorists — Kurdish militia enhanced their group in the region of the largest oil field, Al-Omar, in Syria.

Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Alexander Yakovenko, asked to check the results of the analyzes on cases involving the poisoning. «We want to check the results of those analyzes that were made by British specialists because there is no official information on what happened in the UK — no one in the world has it.» — RIA NEWS quotes Alexander Yakovenko. Earlier, the Russian ambassador announced his intention to meet with the new British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt and discuss with him the case of poisoning in Salisbury.

An exhumation of 1200 bodies from 3 mass graves happened in the city of Rakka. As it was noted — the international coalition denies that American aviation killed more civilians than the ISIS during the military operation in Rakka. However the mass graves and the number of bodies of women and children debunk US allegations. As a result of the imprecise bombing, carried out by the international coalition led by the United States, about 80% of the buildings in the city of Rakka were destroyed. In addition, many bodies of dead civilians and terrorists remain under the debris.

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