Breaking News, 20th of May, 2018


Turkish intelligence agencies, together with the local intelligence forces of the Balkan countries, are working together in order to verify information about an assassination attempt that is being prepared for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who will visit Bosnia and Herzegovina today. «There people that are concerned that we have such a strong leader, so they want to kill him. Our President Tayyip Erdogan is not the kind of person who turns off his path because he is afraid of threats. He will continue his journey with the help of Allah and under his protection, with prayers of our people» vice-premier of Turkey Bekir Bozdag said on Twitter. Yesterday, the Turks that are living in Skopje reported to the intelligence service of Macedonia about the impending assassination attempt. However, the method and the location of the assassination are unknown.

The US and Chinese authorities agreed to not start trade wars, Vice Premier Liu He announced. «The biggest result of the negotiations between China and the USA this time is that we have come to an understanding, and thus we will not start trade wars. Both sides won’t increase duties to each other’s goods.» — The politician explained. Liu He underlined that Xi Jinping and Donald Tramp have reached a consensus regarding the development of trade and economic relations between China and the USA. On 17th and 18th of May, negotiations took place in Washington between the representatives of the United States and China. During those talks, the parties agreed that Beijing will increase the volume of purchased American goods.

Russian police has identified all four terrorists who attacked the Orthodox Church in the city of Grozny. «Two of them are residents of the village Geldagan. Another one came from the village of Argun, located near Grozny. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic, the leader of the group was a native and a resident of one of the neighboring regions. Measures are being currently taken in order to identify possible associates of the killed bandits.» — The Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov explained. On Saturday, in the Chechen capital, the Orthodox Church of the Archangel Michael was attacked. The extremists were going to take the parishioners as hostages, but the terrorists were destroyed by swiftly arrived police forces. During the police operation, two policemen and one civilian, were killed.

The US military equipment, intended for the deployment in Eastern Europe, has arrived in Antwerp. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Belgium. The Ministry noted that the military equipment is being currently deployed as part of the Operation »Atlantic Resolve», which is allegedly aimed at ensuring the peace and stability in the Eastern European countries of NATO. The US Embassy in Belgium also specified that 85 tanks and 3,300 men from the personnel of the 1st Armored Brigade based in Texas will proceed through the port of Antwerp. Their final destination is Poland. The brigade will replace the already deployed 2nd armored brigade, equipped with Abrams tanks and self-propelled howitzers Paladin.

German media reports that on Saturday an unidentified person fired at people in the Haehringen district of the city of Saarbrucken, in the western Germany. As a result, two people were killed and several others were injured. The shooter was detained by the police. According to clarified data, the incident occurred in an apartment building during a family dinner. The shooter opened fire on the relatives.

Russia plans to use the intercontinental ballistic missiles «Satan» to launch payload in space, RIA NEWS reports while referring to its sources in the Russian space industry. The intercontinental ballistic missile is planned to be refitted for space launches.

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