Breaking News, 20th of October, 2018


Ukraine and the IMF reached an agreement on a new 14-month program of economic support policy ‘stand-by’, which should replace the current program approved back in March 2015, which will end in March 2019, Interfax reported. «The new ‘stand-by’ program with the requested access to $ 4 billions of dollars will serve as the basis for the economic policy of the Ukrainian authorities in 2019» — the IMF announced. The program must be approved by the IMF management and the board of directors after Ukraine fulfills the recommendations of the IMF regarding the gas and heating tariffs for households, and the state budget for 2019.

John Bolton, US presidential adviser on national security matters, calls on the US to exit the INF Treaty, ‘the Guardian’ reports. On Monday, a meeting was planned in the White House regarding the exit from the treaty, but the meeting was postponed. The consent of the US Presidential Administration is required in order to leave the INF Treaty. Former US officials told to ‘the Guardian’ that John Bolton is also blocking the negotiations on extension of the ‘New START’ agreement. ‘The New York Times’ claims that John Bolton was instructed to notify Russia about the exit of the US from the INF Treaty next week, during his visit to Russia.

Attorney General of Saudi Arabia has admitted the death of the journalist Jamal Khasoggi, Interfax reported while citing television channel Al-Ekhbariya. According to him, a fight between the journalist and the people in the consulate led to his death. It was reported that 18 Saudis were detained. The royal adviser Saud al-Qahtani and Saudi intelligence deputy head Ahmad al-Assiri were relieved of their posts. Saudi journalist Jamal Hashoggi, who lived in the United States, disappeared on 2nd of October after entering the consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. There was a delegation from Riyadh at that time.

The head of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for the external church relations, Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, declared that the Patriarchate of Constantinople is fulfilling an “order” from the United States — namely the support of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian church. According to him, the United States are “interested in the weakening of the Russian church,” RIA NEWS report while citing Il Messaggerо. “The haste with which the Patriarchate of Constantinople operates is a sign that Constantinople is carrying out an ‘order from the outside’ — said Metropolitan Hilarion. He reminded that the media reported about $25 millions of dollars that Patriarch Bartholomew could have received. The Russian church can’t confirm this information. Earlier, the head of the State Department, Michael Pompeo, called on Kiev to move towards the creation of an autocephalous Ukrainian Orthodox church.

The head of the Indonesian Defense Ministry Riamizard Riachudu announced that his country does not intend to cancel the deal with Russia on Su-35 fighter jets, despite the sanctions from Washington, TASS reports. In addition, Jakarta plans to get the fighters as soon as possible. The deliveries will begin after the agreement between the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Finances and the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia regarding the order of payment for the contract. Earlier, Jakarta announced that US are trying to intervene in their deal with Russia about the Su-35s. The cost of the deal is estimated at $1 billion of dollars. Russia in its turn will buy goods from Indonesia worth of about $570 millions of dollars under the terms of the deal.

At least 3 explosions took places at the polling stations in Kabul. This was reported by AFP with a reference to the local officials and eyewitnesses. “All the explosions occurred near the polling stations. However, this did not affect the desire of citizens to vote”- said the spokesman of the ministry of internal affairs. According to him — there is no confirmed information about the dead or injured yet. No other incident details were given. On Saturday, the elections to the People’s Chamber of the country’s parliament are being held in Afghanistan.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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