Breaking News, 21st of April, 2018


Following the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Pyongyang decided to abandon the testing of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles. In addition, the usage of the Pungery nuclear test site will be stopped. DPRK leader Kim Jong Eun underlined that there is no longer any need to conduct nuclear tests, since all work on the installation of nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles was completed. He said that the current party’s position is to «actively contribute to the construction of a nuclear-free world in accordance with the common goals of mankind.» «

Donald Trump’s campaign staff called «groundless» the lawsuit filed by the Democratic Party, and threatened to investigate the case of possible corruption of the Democrats. «This groundless claim is the last desperate attempt to confirm those accusations of collusion with Russia from an almost bankrupt Democratic Party that is still trying to resist the will of the people in the presidential election of 2016» — the website of Donald Trump’s headquarters said.

The British police identified the main suspects in the case of the poisoning of the former GRU colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury. In the last few days, a serious breakthrough has been made in the investigation of the «Skripals» affair. Most likely, the police managed to determine specific suspects after analyzing the video records from surveillance cameras. According to the police, the alleged suspects are currently in Russia.

On Saturday, a Russian citizen, who was detained by the police on charges of illegal handling of explosives, will appear before the court, the Norwegian news agency reported. The court will decide whether or not to put the Russian citizen in a custody. A native man of Chechnya region was detained on Thursday — after a search in one of the apartments in the city of Oslo. The police arrived after a report that one person in the apartments may need help. The police did not find weapons in the apartment, but instead found a suspicious object, which became the reason for the accusation. The Russian Embassy in Oslo is currently checking this information.

Chief of Staff of the Libyan army Khalifa Haftar survived the car explosion in the city of Benghazi. General Abdelrazak al-Nadouri «came out unhurt from the terrorist attack after the bomb exploded when his convoy passed by the explosion device,» the official statement of the Libyan army announced. As a result of the explosion, one person was killed, another was injured. The attack occurred after Khalifa Haftar felt ill during the last week in a trip, and was sent to a hospital Paris. General al-Nadouri put a blame for the attack on al-Qaida and the ISIS cell.

The leaders of the «Islamic state» agreed to surrender positions in the southern regions of Damascus after the Syrian Arab Army launched massive air and missile strikes. However, one of the groups of islamists continues to fight. In response, the Republican Guard of the Syrian Army, and their Palestinian allies, launched ground operations in the areas of the Yarmuk and al-Qadam camps. The Syrian Arab Army continues to perform air strikes in an attempt to clear the remaining territories from the militants, while expecting them to surrender. If all terrorists in southern Damascus indeed surrender — the area around the Syrian capital will be fully liberated by the government forces.

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