Breaking News, 21st of July, 2018


A man who suffered from a nerve agent in the British town of Amesbury has left the hospital, Interfax reported while citing the Sky News television channel. Earlier the doctors announced that Charlie Rowley was in critical condition. On 30th of June, 45-year-old Rowley and 44-year-old Don Sturgess were discovered unconscious as a result of poisoning by an unknown substance. They were taken to a hospital in Salisbury, where on 8th of July the woman died. Later, the British police reported that the couple got poisoned allegedly as a result of exposure to the poisonous substance «Novichok».

Two policemen were killed and one was wounded as a result of an attack of terrorists on a detachment of traffic police in Dagestan, an informed source told to Interfax on Friday. «Unknown terrorists attacked traffic police officers in the village of Stalsky, in a suburb of the city of Kizilyurt. As a result — two policemen were killed and one was wounded. Currently, the attackers are being searched for.

The extremists that joined the Jabhat al-Nusra group, became active in the Syrian province of Idlib that is currently controlled by the terrorists — the head of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties, Major General Alexei Tsigankov announced. According to him, they are launching strike drones from the territory of Idlib, RIA NEWS reports. He also reported on the attempts of the terrorists to break through and invade the northern part of Homs province, as well as the attacks on the positions of Syrian troops in Latakia. Alexei Tsigankov noted that the terrorists are actively using suicide attacks.

Palestinian groups from the Gaza Strip confirmed, with a help from Egyptian mediators, that they reached an agreement on a ceasefire with Israel, Interfax reported while citing the Jerusalem Post newspaper. The ceasefire was followed by the conflict that occurred on Friday. The IDF has launched dozens of missiles at Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip; in response, three rockets were launched at Israeli territory, two of which were intercepted, and the third, allegedly, exploded in a desert area without causing any damage. As a result of the conflict, four Palestinians and one Israeli soldier died.

Russia and France will deliver humanitarian aid to the Eastern Ghouta as of a joint project. «In accordance with the decision made on 24th of May — France and Russia, in the coming days, will carry out a joint humanitarian project in Syria in order to meet the civilian needs in the Eastern Ghouta that are still in dire need for help.» — the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry explained. The report notes that the assistance consists of medical supplies.

Ukrainian troops, over the past day, fired at the positions of the LPR one time. The settlement Kalinovka was hit with grenade launchers and small arms. In the DPR, during the same period, the Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire 7 times, firing 134 shells at the front-line regions of the Republic. The village of Zaitsevo near the town of Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk and a nearby settlement Yasnoe, as well as the villages of Trudovskoy, Sosnovskoye, Kominternovo and Leninskoye in the south of the DPR were under attack. During the shelling, mortars, grenade launchers and small arms were used.

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