Breaking News, 21st of June, 2018


14 Afghan servicemen were killed during an attack from Taliban terrorists in the Afghan province of Faryab, RIA NEWS reported while citing the Xinhua news agency. As the agency reports, the terrorists attacked the army checkpoint in the Khwaja area of Sabz Posh on Thursday, early in the morning. As a result of the attack, 14 servicemen were killed. Additionally some heavy artillery was destroyed as well.

In the DPR, over the past day, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire five times, firing 42 shells at the front-line territories of the Republic. The outskirts of Gorlovka and Yasinovatoy, as well as the village of Leninskoye in the Novoazovsky region at the south of the DPR were hit. Mortars of various caliber, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling. Yesterday, as a result of shelling of the western parts of Gorlovka, a civilian was injured.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria. Thousands of Syrians continue to leave the territories controlled by the terrorist gangs through the humanitarian corridor of Abu Duhur in the central Islamist province of Idlib. There is a humanitarian corridor between the cities of Tel Sultan and Abu Duhur. The security over there is provided by the Russian military police and special services of Syria. Russian military engineers, together with Syrian sappers, carefully inspect the automobile columns in order to prevent any attempts of smuggling of explosives, weapons and ammunition.

The Pentagon will supply Turkey with the F-35 fighters despite the position of the US Congress. According to Pentagon spokesman Mike Andrews, the ceremony will be held on 21st of June, on Thursday, in Fort Worth, Texas. The F-35 planes will be sent to the base in Arizona. Turkish pilots and technicians have already arrived there for their training. Since Turkey have purchased the Russian S-400 SAM, the US Senate made a draft of the defense budget which took into account the termination of Turkish participation in the F-35 production program.

In the Russian Eastern Military District, military exercises of destroying lightly armored vehicles have started. Soldiers armed with grenade launchers and sniper rifles will train how to destroy such vehicles, including Jihad Jeeps. The soldiers will use grenade launchers of various types, as well as the AGS-17 «Flame» grenade launchers that fire small grenades in full-auto mode.

Ukrainian Parliament adopted the law on national security introduced initially by President Poroshenko. The plan establishes, as one of the main national interests of Ukraine, the membership in the European Union and NATO. The corresponding decision on Thursday was supported by 248 parliamentarians with the necessary minimum of 226 votes, RIA «NEWS» reports. After its acceptance the document will be sent to the President of Ukraine for his sign. Previously, Poroshenko also proposed to include the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the country in the constitution.

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