Breaking News, 23rd of July, 2018


The terrorists who joined the «Jabhat al-Nusra» became active in the province of Idlib. They are launching drones from the territory occupied by them. They also attack the positions of government troops using machine guns. In addition, they tried to break into the northern part of Homs province with the use of suicide bombers. They also attacked the positions of government troops in the province of Latakia.

The Israeli Air Forces attacked a group of Palestinians that was launching burning balloons, thus trying to set fire to Israeli farmlands near the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian formations continue their provocative actions, despite the declared truce, and the threats from the government of Israel.

More than 400 members of the White Helmets organization and their family members were evacuated from Syria to Jordan, Interfax reports with a reference to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry. Initially 827 people were planned to be evacuated. The permission for their following transfer to Germany, Great Britain and Canada was confirmed by the authorities of these countries. Jordan agreed to accept 800 people for a time period no longer than three months. The remaining members of the organization were unable to reach the border and move in Jordan because of the situation on their current location. In this area, the Syrian troops are carrying out an offensive operation on the ISIS, the media reports.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report with a reference to SANA agency: The positions of the pro-government Palestinian fighters of «Liva Al-Quds» in the north of Deir ez Zor were unexpectedly attacked from the opposite bank of the Euphrates. The fire consisted of small arms that came from the settlement of Safir At-Takhtani, controlled by the Kurdish Democratic Forces. The residential areas nearby were targeted as well. The Kurds occasionally carry out provocative shelling of the strongholds of Syrian troops and their allies, hoping for an opportunity to start a fight against the Syrian army on the eastern coast of the Euphrates in the cities of At-Tabiya and Hsham.

Donald Trump explained that he was criticized by the American media for being too gentle with Vladimir Putin because he is being purposely discriminated. Earlier, such approach would be seen as diplomatic. «I met harsh criticism from the fake media for being too kind to President Putin. Earlier they would call it diplomacy. If I screamed and made threats — I would be too cruel. Remember how they said that I was cruel to the head (of the DPRK) Kim (Jong Un)? Hypocrites!»- Donald Trump wrote in his Twitter.

As it became known to ANNA NEWS agency — Donald Trump can initiate a referendum in Donbas. This idea was suggested to him by Vladimir Putin, Bloomberg reports while referring to sources that attended the meeting of the two leaders in Helsinki. The referendum will be hold with the participation of international organizations. The residents of Donbass region will be able to speak out about the status of the DPR and the LPR. This can be one of the options of resolving of the conflict. Both presidents agreed to not announce these plans yet, so that Donald Trump can have an opportunity to think things through, the message states.

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