Breaking News, 25th of August, 2018


The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the United States, Britain and France intend to launch a new missile strike on Syria after the Syrian opposition forces will make a provocation with chemical weapons in the province of Idlib. According to the official representative of the ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, for this very purpose, USS guided missile destroyer Sullivans arrived to the Persian Gulf a few days ago with 56 cruise missiles onboard. A strategic bomber B-1B was relocated to the El-Udeid air base in Qatar, together with 24 air-to-surface cruise missiles for it. One of the signs of the impending strike is a wave of baseless statements from a number of senior Western officials about the intention to respond »in the most decisive manner» to the «use of chemical weapons» by the Syrian government. Russian Ministry of Defense specified that in order to stage a «chemical attack» — the fighters of «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham» brought eight containers with chlorine to the city of Jisr al-Shugur in the province of Idlib. The containers were then transferred to the group «Hizb at-Turkestan al-Islami», and delivered to the village of Hallouise. At the same time, a special group of terrorists arrived in the region to imitate «the rescue of victims of a chemical attack».

In the Tomsk region, a migrant-supporter of the «Islamic state» was detained. He is being suspected on sponsoring of the organization. It was reported that the transfer of funds was documented, and the detained man himself knew that the money will be used by ISIS terrorists on their activities, including terrorist acts in Russia. The FSB branch in Tomsk region initiated a criminal case under the article of «assistance to terrorist activities».

Ukrainian media reported that the Russian consulate in Kiev was attacked. According to the website «» — unknown people threw smoke bombs at the building of the Russian consulate. The incident occurred in the afternoon. It was noted that one smoke bomb reached the territory of the Russian embassy, and the second one fell near the fence. The man who threw them escaped. Smoke bombs were quickly extinguished. The police opened a case under the article «disorderly conduct». The press service of the police of Kiev did not comment on this incident.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov announced that Russian helicopter carriers will not be created, and the issue of the construction of an aircraft carrier is under discussion. Back in May of 2016, it was reported that within the state program of armaments for 2018-2025 years — it was planned to build large landing ships for Ka-52K helicopters. The contract for the construction of two such ships of the Mistral type was signed in June of 2011, but in 2014 it was canceled by Paris. In September of 2015, Egypt bought two such ships from France, for which the Egyptians also purchased several Ka-52s.

The Associated Press reported about the school shooting in California. 16-year-old teenager died, another student of 18 years old was seriously wounded. The incident occurred in city of Fairfield, near San Francisco. Two people were detained on the fact of school shooting. According to the police, the shooting at the Armijo school was a result of a conflict between two groups. Upon the arrival of the police — two suspects fled to the school grounds and tried to hide among the students, but they were soon found and detained. Local media specifies that no-one was hurt on the campus. At the moment, the educational institution is closed, the authorities are conducting an investigation.

During the attack of the pro-government forces of ex-President Hadi in the Marran area, south of Saada, Ali Hussein Sheiba Basil, one of the founders of the Yemeni rebel Husit movement, was killed. He was killed during the operation of Hadi forces, al-Arabiya reports. Also, the Yemeni media reported about an intense fight in the north of the province of Baida. 13 rebels died, many were wounded. As it was previously reported — the pro-government forces were preparing a massive operation «Decapitation of the snake», in particular — in the Marran Mountains.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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