Breaking News, 25th of June, 2018


The Russian Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria reports that Syrian government troops, together with the Syrian Free Army formations and with a support from the Russian Air Forces have stopped the offensive operation of the Jabhat an Nusra terrorist group in the southern zone of de-escalation. During the last day, the terrorists attacked the settlements that voluntarily sided with the government of Syria. It is specified that the terrorists have lost 3 armored vehicles, 14 pickup trucks with large-caliber machine guns mounted on them, and up to 70 people. There were no casualties among the Syrian military.

The Washington Post believes that the NATO troops, in case of a conflict with Russia, may not have enough time to prevent the occupation of the Baltic states, thus losing the first stage of the war due to bad roads and local bureaucracy. As the publication specifies — the problem was revealed by the military exercises conducted by the American command in Europe. For example, the heavy military vehicles of the United States needed 4 months to travel on the railroads from Georgia, where the trainings were conducted, to Germany. The publication believes that the main problems were: the different width of rails in different countries which requires the en-route reloading of equipment on different moving platforms, the roads and bridges that were unprepared for the heavy equipment, and the local bureaucratic obstacles.

The migration crisis in Europe has moved to the political stage, Emmanuel Macron announced after an informal meeting of EU leaders in Brussels. According to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the sides managed to achieve unity in the matter of reducing the flow of illegal migrants, and in the protection of the external borders. The leaders of other EU states also spoke about some progress, but they noted that it is necessary to resolve the remaining contradictions as well. They believe that the basis for the solution of this problem should be the principle of euro-solidarity.

Russian Eastern Military district’s press service reported that the representatives of Russian Eastern Military District and the Armed Forces of India agreed on 250 servicemen that will be send from each side to the military training »Indra-2018». It is noted that the details of the exercises were discussed at the conference in India, which was visited by the delegation of the said district. The land part of the exercises will be held at one of the military training sites in India during the end of 2018. During October 2017, the exercise «Indra-2017» was held in Vladivostok.

Ukrainian troops fired at the positions of the LPR 7 times over the past day. The areas of settlements Veselogorvka, Sokolniki, Lozovoye, Frunze, Logvinovo were under attack. Mortars, weaponry of IFVs, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling.

In the DPR, for the past day, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire 15 times, firing 203 shells at the front-line regions of the Republic. Dokuchaevsk, the areas near Gorlovka — the villages of Gagarin’s mines, Zaitsevo, Vasilievka, Ozerianovka, Golmovsky, Novolaspa, Leninskoye, Sakhanka, and Kominternovo were under fire. Mortars of various caliber, howitzers, weaponry of APC and IFV, as well as small arms were used in the shelling. A civilian was wounded as a result of the shelling in the village of Sakhanka.

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