Breaking News, 25th of September, 2018


During the session of the UN General Assembly — the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announced the start of deliveries of S-300 air defense missile systems to Syria. According to him, the first S-300s have already arrived in Syria shortly after President Vladimir Putin announced it. Such measures are being taken in order to ensure 100% safety of the Russian contingent. In addition, Sergei Lavrov noted that the Russian Defense Ministry provided the foreign partners with precise details of what happened with the IL-20 aircraft, since it was the reason of the deliveries of S-300s to Syria.

The US Secretary of the Internal affairs, Ryan Zinke, announced the possibility of a naval blockade of Russia aimed to stop Moscow’s control over the supplies of energy resources of the Middle East. «The United States can guarantee the openness of sea routes thanks to the Navy. If necessary, the Navy can also block the sea routes so that Russian energy supplies do not enter the market» — Ryan Zinke said during his speech in Pittsburgh. One might assume that he is sure that Russian activity in the Middle East is connected with the desire of Kremlin to supply the energy resources in the region, as it is now happening in Europe. According to Ryan Zinke — supply of oil and gas is, supposedly, the only source of income for the Russian economy. Ryan Zinke also noted the similarity of the Iranian and Russian situations. He explained that there is a military option for this issue, which he’d prefer to not use, and also an economic one — to exert pressure, and force the competitor’s energy resources out from the market. «We are able to do so because the US are the largest producer of oil and gas» — US Secretary of the Internal affairs concluded.

Today the Republic of Macedonia began a nationwide referendum on the matter of renaming of the country, according to the representatives of the State Election Commission. The advisory referendum will end at 8 pm Moscow time. For the success of it — the turnout of more than 50% of voters is necessary. At the referendum itself — the population will have to answer the question of whether they agree to accept the agreement between Macedonia and Greece, and whether they support Macedonian accession to the European Union and NATO. For more than 25 years the Greek authorities demanded their northern neighbors to change the name of their country since Greece has the same historical and administrative area. On 17th June, 2018, this dispute was concluded by signing an international treaty, according to which the Republic of Macedonia agreed to rename itself. The main option for the new name at the moment is «Northern Macedonia». The adoption of the treaty with Greece opens the door to the EU and NATO. Previously, Athens blocked any talks on pan-European integration with Macedonia until this country changes its name.

Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Siyarto, was put into the database of the Ukrainian website «Peacemaker». The reasons for it are the following: «an attempt on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine», «inciting and supporting separatist sentiments» and «participation in the organization of provocations». During Wednesday Peter Siyarto told to the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Pavel Klimkin, that Petro Poroshenko supports the hatred towards Hungarians. In turn, Pavel Klimkin spoke about the lack of achievements on all key issues with Hungary. Before that, he reacted extremely negatively to the issue of Hungarian passports to Ukrainians in the border town of Berehove. Previously, Peter Siyarto was puzzled by the decision of Kiev to move Ukrainian troops in Transcarpathia. He said that the relocation of troops to the borders of a NATO country is «rather unusual.»

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