Breaking News, 26th of July, 2018


Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria with a reference to SANA agency. Along the eastern outskirts of the ISIS enclave, located to the west of Daraa, a fierce fight continues between the terrorists and the Syrian Amy. The Islamists left some of the areas just outside the city of Tasil because of the pressure from Syrian troops. The terrorists are actively using quadro-copters to correct the artillery fire. The terrorists concentrated a reserve of up to 100 people in the area of Sahm Al-Julan — they are ready to be transfered to Tacil and Jillen.

Terrorists of ISIS shelled the territory of Israel — the attackers were later destroyed by Israeli aviation and artillery, the Russian Defense Ministry announced. «On 25th of July, around 9:30 pm by Moscow time, the terrorists of ISIS attempted to provoke a retaliatory strike from Israeli forces on the positions of the Syrian army by launching rockets at the territory of Israel from the settlements of Nafa and Shadzhar» — the Russian Defense Ministry explained — «All those terrorists and their rocket installations were swiftly destroyed by the response attack of aviation and artillery of the Israel» — the Defense Ministry concluded.

In the DPR, over the past day, the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 3 times, firing 34 shells at the front-line territories of the DPR. The village of Spartak to the north of Donetsk, and the village of Golmovsky near the town of Gorlovka were hit. Mortars of various calibers, AA guns, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling.

The 79th Humanitarian Convoy of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia arrived in Donbass today. A column of 31 vehicles arrived to the DPR -they delivered food for the children of ages from one to three years old, as well as 86 tons of medical supplies. Humanitarian supplies were also delivered to the city of Lugansk — 16 Russian vehicles delivered 175 tons of food for children, and 40 tons of medical equipment and supplies. Since August of 2014 — such columns have delivered more than 74.9 thousand of tons of humanitarian aid for the residents of the DPR and LPR.

The French government allocated 500,000 euros to the demining of the territories in Iraq that were liberated from the terrorists of ISIS. The liberated provinces are Anbar, Ninewa, Kirkuk, Salah-ed-Din and Diyala. This was reported by TASS with a reference to the statement of the United Nations Demining Service. It is noted that the first tranche from France will allow the demining service to enhance their ability to monitor and clean up the liberated areas from the landmines and unexploded ordnance.

Today in Beijing, at 13 hours — local time, an explosion occurred near the building of the US Embassy. The incident involved a 26-year-old native man of Inner Mongolia. He was wounded in arm, and was later hospitalized. There were no other victims. Chinese police believes that a firecracker was used, and the reason for the aggressive action of the man could be a refusal of visa. The American embassy informed about a functioning explosive device.

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