Breaking News, 26th of October, 2018


US President Donald Trump signed a law that imposies sanctions against those, who support the Lebanese organization ’Hezbollah’, RIA NEWS reports WHILE citing a statement from the White House. “The law, signed today by President Donald Trump, further isolates ‘Hezbollah’ from the international financial system, and reduces its funding” — the statement said. The sanctions will be directed against the individuals and government structures that support ‘Hezbollah’ and other organizations associated with ‘Hezbollah’ that are “involved in drug trafficking, and other international crimes.”

John Bolton, National Security Advisor of the US President, commented on his talks with Vladimir Putin. John Bolton stated that «the hour and a half long discussion was very professional, very serious.» He called Vladimir Putin «an expert in the field of arms control» — TASS reports. They discussed not only the INF Treaty, but also “other arms control treaties”. The parties also discussed “strategic relations” between Russia and the United States, said John Bolton. He also added that he “passed on an invitation from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin to visit Washington” in the early 2019.

The presidents of France and the USA, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, had a telephone conversation during which they agreed to discuss the INF Treaty with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the joint visit of the leaders of the two states to Paris on 11th of November, during the celebration of the centenary of the end of the First World War, Bloomberg reports . Trump and Macron also discussed the situation in Syria. The presidents of France and the United States spoke in favor of a cease-fire in Syrian province of Idlib, as well as participating in discussions on the situation in the republic.

The EU has once again enhanced the sanctions against the DPRK, TASS reports with a reference to the ‘official journal of the European Union’. «On 16th of October, the UN Security Council Committee banned three merchant ships from entering international seaports. The list of the EU sanctions must be supplemented in accordance with this decision» — the document says. The three North Korean merchant ships were engaged in the transportation of oil in violation of the UN sanctions. The list of EU sanctions against the DPRK is one of the longest, and it prohibits almost any economic contacts with this country, with the exception of humanitarian assistance from the EU, and the agricultural matters.

A source of the Syrian news agency Al-Masdar News reported on the impending military operation of the Syrian army in the province of Aleppo. According to the agency — the high command of the Syrian Army is considering a military operation as a course of action due to the provocations and attacks from the Islamists. The terrorists shell Aleppo’s residential areas from the suburbs, currently under control of the terrorists, while using the «ceasefire» regime as a cover.

Check point «SALHIYA» was opened in the province of Deir ez-Zor. Reporters of ANNA NEWS reported during this spring, while being among the advancing Syrian army, that the government forces liberated the city of Deir ez-Zor. Skirmishes broke out in the city between the army forces, Kurdish units, and the radical Islamists. Those actions were fueled by the activity of the special operations forces of the US Army. The check point “SALHIYA” was organized with the help from the Russian military police — the check point allows the population to leave the war zone and re-unite with their families. This is the beginning of a peaceful life, the restoration of the city, and the expulsion of bandits from Syria.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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