Breaking News, 27th of August, 2018


ISIS receives weapons from semi-official structures associated with special services of some countries. This was stated by Russian permanent representative to the UN — Vasily Nebenziya. «The number of evidences of weapon deliveries to the terrorists continue to accumulate — it includes the deliveries from semi-legal structures or even the special services of some countries» — the agency RIA NEWS quotes Nebenziya. Vasily Nebenziya expressed the hope that this issue will be raised at an international conference on countering the illegal supply of arms, which will be held in Moscow on 3rd and 4th of September.

Amir Hatami, the Iranian Defense Minister, during his visit to Syria signed an agreement on mutual military and technological cooperation with his Syrian counter-part Ali Abdallah Aiub, RIA NEWS reported with a reference to Tasnim agency. According to the agency reports — Iran and Syria should enhance their cooperation in the military and defense matters. Amir Hatami said earlier that Iran could help Syria to develop new weapons. Iran, along with Russia and Turkey, is the guarantor of truce in Syria.

Another large convoy of the Syrian army arrived from the south of the country to the province of Idlib. The news agency ‘Damascus’ published a photo of the army reinforcements. According to the agency, the Syrian Army is preparing their largest offensive operation in the history of this civil war. The arriving reinforcements will attack the jihadists in the region of the al-Gab plateau.

German Foreign Minister, Haiko Maas, called on Europe to respond to the US sanctions on Russia, China, Turkey and other important economic partners. «Washington’s sanctions forces us to seek a European response» — Maas said while opening the conference of ambassadors in the foreign policy department in Berlin, Tass reports. He noted that Washington’s sudden adoption of «non-specific sanctions» against Moscow, Beijing, Ankara, and other trading partners significantly affects Europe and Germany. Maas underlined that «Brussels needs a new, balanced partnership with the United States.»

The Russian Ministry of Defense disproved the information that Russian aircraft allegedly attacked the terrorists of Taliban in Afghanistan, Interfax reported. «Russian military aircraft did not carry out any combat missions near the border of the Tajikistan and Afghanistan,» the report explained. Earlier the Reuters agency reported on their website, with a reference to the local police, that a Russian or a Tajik aircraft performed an air strike on the terrorists during their clash with Tajik border guards. Six Talibans died as the result.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria while staying among the Syrian army units: the surrounded terrorists of ISIS, located in the desert of Suweida, requested a truce. After several weeks of fight, the terrorists were surrounded in a deserted area north of the border with Jordan. Their attempts of a breakthrough ended in failures and heavy losses. Their situation became quite hopeless. They are tired, they have very few working pieces of heavy military equipment, and their ammunition for heavy weapons is running out. By asking for a truce — the terrorists want a short-term respite, and an opportunity to leave the territory.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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