Breaking News, 27th of July, 2018


Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria with a reference to SANA agency: Terrorists of several groups, including Jabhat al-Nusra, are preparing for an assault on the positions of Syrian army. According to the information known to the reporters — the leaders of the groups planned to make a joint HQ for this purpose. Concentration of the terrorist groups was spotted in several directions: the mountains of northern Latakia, the valley of El-Gab on the border of the provinces of Khama and Idlib, and the western areas of the city of Aleppo.

Ukrainian troops fired twice over the past day at the positions of the LPR. This was reported in the defense department of the Republic. The villages of Kalinovka and Lozovoe were hit. Grenade launchers of various types were used during the attacks.

During the course of the ongoing offensive operation against the ISIS positions in the province of Deraa, the Syrian army liberated a large number of settlements, including the cities of Hait, Soham al-Jolani, Tasil and Adwa, thus liberating more than a half of the territory of the terrorist enclave.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria: Fierce fighting between Syrian army and the group of »Jeish Khalid Ibn Al-Valid» doesn’t stop in the province of Daraa. As it became known to the reporters of ANNA NEWS — the official opening of the border control point »Nasib», located on the border with Jordan on the south of Daraa, was planned on 1st of August. The control point was liberated by Syrian army with some help from Russian Air Forces in the first half of July.

Russian Defense Ministry announced that the shelling of the territory of Israel was carried out from the territory controlled by ISIS. According to the ministry — in 25th of June, at 21:30 local time, the terrorists of ISIS tried to provoke a retaliatory strike from the Israeli forces on the positions of Syrian army. The terrorists attacked the territory of Israel with rockets from the settlements of Nafa and Shadjara. »A precise counter-attack of Israeli air forces and artillery destroyed all the terrorists and their rocket installations.» — the message explains.

Russian embassy in Washington made an official statement to the »Crimean declaration» of the USA, in which the secretary of State announced once again that the USA do not recognize Crimea as a part of Russia, and they won’t cancel the sanctions that were imposed because of the reunion of Crimea and Russia. Such declarations and announcements are being made by the State Department once in a while. »We haven’t heard anything new, we merely confirmed our suspicion that our partners exist in a different reality. They try to manipulate the international laws — the very same laws that were the basis for the reunion of Crimea and Russia back in 2014.» — the embassy replied in a statement.

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