Breaking News, 27th of May, 2018


During his negotiations with the president of South Korea Moon Jae-in — The leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, expressed a strong desire to meet with Donald Trump. According to the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea, Kim Jong-un said that Pyongyang and Seoul must cooperate «to improve relations between the DPRK and the US, and establish a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.»

According to the press service of the Russian president, another »direct press conference» between Vladimir Putin and the Russians will be held on 7th of June. This will be the 16th such press conference for Vladimir Putin, and the first one in his new presidential term. According to the head of the press service of President Dmitry Peskov — this year the conference will be slightly changed. Citizens will be able to ask questions to the president through the Internet, by phone, and also in the format of SMS and MMS.

President of South Korea Moon Jae-in stated that Kim Jong-un does not trust promises of Donald Trump to provide the DPRK with security guarantees in case of their complete nuclear disarmament. «Kim Jong-un expressed doubts about whether or not his country can trust the promises of the USA to end hostile activities and provide security guarantees to the DPRK should full denuclearization of North Korea take place.» — the Ryonhap agency quotes his words.

Yemeni insurgents from «Ansar Allah» launched a ballistic missile on the territory controlled by the internationally recognized government of Yemen. According to the mass media of the rebels — the target site of the missile was the site of the so-called «Arab coalition» led by Saudi Arabia in the province of Taiz, where the fighting still continues. The results of the attack are unknown.

The army of Israel used tanks to shell the territory of the Gaza Strip after they discovered a landmine, presumably placed by the Palestinians. According to media reports, an Israeli tank fired at a checkpoint and observation tower of the Hamas located in the south of the sector. According to the press service of the IDF, the Israel side had no casualties.

Tahrir al-Sham terrorists used custom made missiles to strike the areas of the city of Aleppo. In response to the attack, the Syrian army used artillery to return fire at the suburbs of Aleppo, Al-Layramoun and Kafr Hamra, from which the terrorists fired in the first place. The reinforcements of the Syrian Arab Army are being sent to Aleppo.

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