Breaking News, 29th of April, 2018


Тhe USA once again openly call for imposing sanctions on Iran in due to the missile program of the Islamic Republic, which, according to Washington, «threatens world security». «We urge countries around the world to impose sanctions on any individuals and organizations associated with the Iranian missile program» — Reuters quotes the statement of Brian Hook, senior advisor of the US Secretary of State. According to him, this topic was raised during the visit of the head of the US Department of State, Mike Pompeo, to Brussels — at a meeting of heads of foreign ministries of NATO countries. In addition, the US Secretary of State intends to discuss the Iranian missile program with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Israel during the tour around the Middle East.

A meeting with Kim Jong-Un could be held in three to four weeks, Donald Trump announced. «I think we will meet with Kim Jong-un in the next three or four weeks» — Donald Trump said at a rally in Michigan. At the same time, Donald Trump underlined that he «does not play games» with the DPRK, and that he acts from a position of strength. Previously, Donald Trump mentioned that he had a «very long and very good» phone conversation with the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in. International mass media, while referring to US officials, reports that Singapore is considered to be one of the places of the forthcoming meeting. It is also reported that Pyongyang intends to close the Pyungery nuclear test site before the summit between the USA and the DPRK, the process of its dismantling will be public. Kim Jong-un promised to ensure the transparency of the process. He also promised to invite journalists and international security experts who will eyewitness the closure.

Washington put an ultimatum to the countries of the European Union and Canada: either they agree to quotas from the US, or the US intend to impose strict custom duties on their products — the US Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, announced on Friday, Bloomberg reports. «We ask everyone to agree if not to tariffs, then at least to quotas,» Ross explained. The decision must be made before 1st of May. In particular, the US want to set the size of quotas for European steel and aluminum at a rate of 90% of the EU’s supplies over the past two years. A source in the EU told the agency that the European Union considers such demand to be unacceptable. «Trade war will lead to financial loss of all its participants. No one will win in this trade war, so we will try to avoid it at any cost.» — announced the Finance Minister of Belgium Johan van Overveldt, as he called for calm. It is also reported that Russia has asked the WTO to consult with the United States, because, according to Moscow — the United States violated the rules of the organization by not providing the necessary notice before the introduction of duties.

Despite the largest defense budget on Earth, the United States are still inferior to Russia in the matters of cyberspace capabilities. This was stated by Democratic senator from Virginia, Mark Warner, CNN reports. «Our military budget is $ 700 billion. But I’m more worried that Russian military budget is barely $ 68 billion, and yet Russia is much more effective in matters of disinformation in cyberspace» — the senator announced. He noted that the US government is still trying to understand what happened during the presidential election in 2016, and that the United States are not yet ready for new possible attacks of «bad actors» during the congressional elections in 2018 and the presidential election of 2020.

On Saturday, in the state of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico, a massive car-crash accident occurred involving at least 50 cars and trucks, on the highway Saltillo — Monterrey. According to preliminary data, the cause of the accident was poor visibility on the road due to fog. At least 15 people were injured, five of them were hospitalized. The federal police, rescue teams and doctors of the Red Cross have arrived on the highway. The track is temporarily blocked.

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