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Deputy of the Chairman of the Labor Party of the DPRK, Kim Yong Chol, has arrived in Beijing on Tuesday. From there he will head to the US in order to participate in the negotiations on the matter of preparations for a possible meeting of the leaders of the DPRK and the USA, Interfax reports with a reference to the Renhap agency. Kim Yong Chol will visit the US in response to the recent visits of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. As expected, the officials would finally agree on a meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Their meeting is expected to happen in Singapore on 12th of June.

A representative of the operational command of the DPR, Eduard Bazurin, announced that the Ukrainian forces are laying landmines near Gorlovka after their failed operations in the area. Eduard Basurin added that in that particular area the Ukrainian forces recently installed a radio electronic reconnaissance station in order to listen to the telephone and radio conversations through the open communication channels. Previously Eduard Bazurin said that the Ukrainian military sent tanks and self-propelled artillery to the city of Dzerzhinsk.

Israel agreed to let Syrian Army take positions on its northern borders, RIA NEWS reports with a reference to the statement of an unnamed high-ranking Israeli official given to the local television channel. The whole deal was possible thanks to Russia, the channel added. According to the announcement, the agreement allows the Syrian governmental army take positions at the border with Israel, but in return — Russia will make sure that there will no presence of Iran and Hezbollah.

The Pentagon sounds the alarm: the Russians in Syria discovered all the secrets of the fifth-generation F-22 fighter aircraft. The Military Watch Magazine reports that the F-22, created with the use of stealth technology, already lost all its advantages while being located in the Middle East. The United States believe that the deployment of F-22 fighters near the Russian S-300 and S-400 AA complexes dealt a serious blow to the viability of the aircraft. The important data obtained by Moscow will enable them to improve the Russian Su-57.

The deputy of the Head of the Russian Federal Service for the Military and Technical Cooperation Vladimir Drozhzhov announced that Russia and Kazakhstan signed a new contract for four Mi-35 transport and combat helicopters. Earlier it was reported that the first Mi-35M helicopters, built for Kazakhstan, are scheduled to arrive by the end of this year. Kazakhstan also decided to purchase additional Russian Su-30SM fighter jets in May 2018.

Ukrainian army fired at the positions of the LPR six times over the past day. The settlements of Donetsk, Golubovskoe, Zhelobok, Prishib and Lozovoe were under attack. Mortars of various caliber, grenade launchers and small arms were used in the shelling.

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