Breaking News, 2nd of July, 2018


The multi-purpose 5th gen fighter SU-57 will join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. The Deputy of the Russian Defense Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, announced that the first batch of aircraft should arrive at Russian Air Forces in 2019. According to him, SU-57 confirmed the expectable characteristics, judging from all the tests carried out, and including combat participation in Syria.

The Center for the Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria conducted an assessment of school buildings in the Syrian settlements of Yalda and Beit Saham. Priority measures are planned for their restoration and repair using construction materials received through humanitarian help. The situation in the region remains uneasy. In order to help the civilian population — the doctors from the Center performed medical assistance on 92 children over the past day.

Armed Forces of Iran reported about a ship carrying chemical substances. The vessel entered the Persian Gulf accompanied by an American destroyer, the news agency Mehr informs with a reference to Brigadier General, representative of the Armed Forces of Iran, Abolfazl Shekarchi. It was noted that it was an American cargo vessel MV Cape Ray, which transported chemicals and was accompanied by a US destroyer.

The Stockholm Arbitration Court agreed with the arguments from Gazprom and refused to allow the change in gas prices like the Polish company PGNiG demanded, the press service of Gazprom announced. The arbitration tribunal agreed with the arguments of the Gazprom and completely denied the change of the prices according to the demand stated by PGNiG in the course of the trial, RIA NEWS reports.

Military cooperation between Poland and the United States in the near future will be enhanced in order to protect the Poland from «Russian aggression». The plans of establishing a US military base on Polish territory, the deployment of the Aegis missile defense system, and the purchase of a large quantity of US made military equipment by the Poles show that Washington is the «main strategic ally» of Poland.

Russian troops from the Western Military District conducted special tactical exercises at the training area »Golovenki». The experience of military operations in Syria was actively used in the exercises that involved tanks, motorized infantry, artillery and reconnaissance units of the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division. The servicemen practiced defensive and offensive techniques using the combat experience gained in Syria.

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