Breaking News, 2nd of June, 2018


The White House is actively preparing itself for the meeting of Donald Trump with Vladimir Putin, the Wall Street Journal reports while citing a senior official in the US administration. The US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman, who arrived in Washington, is taking an active role in this preparation. «The organization of this official meeting between Trump and Putin is the project of Ambassador Huntsman, who has been working on it continuously for many months» — the source explained. The preparation is still at the early stage and both parties have yet to agree on a precise date and place. Before the possible meeting of the presidents, negotiations between Joseph Danford and Valery Gerasimov, the heads of the General Staff of the USA and Russia respectively, might be held in order to de-escalate the conflict in Syria.

On 7th of June , NATO Defense Ministers will meet in Brussels. The meeting will consider the possibility of increasing the rapid response teams of the alliance by 30 000 people. NATO also plans to get additional several hundred fighters and warships, and also improve the infrastructure for the rapid transportation of heavy military equipment. The leading role in fulfilling these changes will be assigned to Germany. Such declaration of the results of the meeting may be adopted by the leaders of the NATO in mid-July.

The US Navy signed a contract for the supply of anti-ship missiles NSM, which were developed by the Norwegian group Kongsberg, »Defense News» reports. The initial cost of the contract is $ 14 million, but this amount may later grow up to $ 850 million. The deadline for the supply of missiles is currently unknown.

This morning, in the east of Kabul, a roadside landmine exploded when a group of archaeologists drove a car, moving from the city towards the province of Lahore. One archaeologist died, two more archaeologists and their driver were injured, Tolo News television channel reports. No radical group took the responsibility for the explosion so far.

In the city of Hebron, an unknown person tried to attack the military on a car, but was shot to death before he could actually do it. «Some time ago, an attempt was made to attack the military in the city of Hebron. The military servicemen opened fire on a terrorist who attempted to attack the army personnel. The terrorist was shot. There are no casualties among the military staff» — the press service of the Israeli army announced.

US President Donald Trump will meet with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on 12th of June, in Singapore, but signing of any documents in there is not planned yet — this was announced after the head of the DPRK delegation, General Kim Yong Chol, met with the American president in Washington and gave him a personal letter from Kim Jong-Un. Donald Trump called the message «very nice» and «very interesting», but he did not disclose its contents yet. In addition, the US president expressed his annoyance with the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to Pyongyang. Donald Trump noted that he does not like the visit because of its unclear goals. Nevertheless, he added, if the result of Korean-Russian negotiations is positive — America will support them.

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