Breaking News, 30th of April, 2018


The Syrian news agency SANA reported that military bases in the north of Syria, in the vicinity of Khama and Aleppo, were subjected to a missile strike. The Syrian authorities have not yet announced who is behind this, whether any damage has been done and whether there are victims. The source of RIA NEWS reported that «most likely, it was an air strike». It is known that an arsenal of the 47th brigade in the vicinity of Khama was attacked which led to «powerful explosions», and a «strong fire».

In Kabul, and in Afghan province of Nangarhar, explosions occurred. There are dead and wounded. In Kabul, a suicide bomber on a motorcycle blew himself up while attacking the National Security Directorate. The explosion killed at least three people, and about five people were injured. As a result of the second explosion in the province of Nangarhar — five people were injured. As reported by Tolo News, the deputy governor of the Besad district was wounded.

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea announced that South Korean loudspeakers, used for propaganda broadcasting at the territory of the DPRK, will be dismantled, the «Renhap» news agency reports. The dismantling should begin on Tuesday. On Friday, at the border point of Phan-mund-jom, the leaders of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In, held a historical meeting.

ranian President Hassan Rouhani, during a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron, explained that Tehran will not accept new restrictions that go beyond the Iranian obligations under the existing nuclear agreement. Rouhani underlined that «an agreement cannot be negotiated». The presidents Makron and Rouhani spent more than an hour talking on the phone about the nuclear agreement. Macron agreed to retain the Iranian deal, but expressed the wish to discuss three additional topics of the agreement.

Syrian authorities and the terrorists have made a deal. The terrorists will be able to leave the south of Damascus in exchange for the evacuation of 5 thousand civilians. On Monday, the terrorists will leave the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmuk near Damascus. Together with their families they will head to Idlib. In exchange, civilians will be able to leave the Shia settlements of Fua and Kefrai — at the first stage it is planned to evacuate 1500 people. In addition, the terrorists agreed to release 85 captured natives of the city of Ishsharok.

Ukrainian forces fired at the LPR positions four times over the past day. The areas of Kalinovo, Lozovoye, Prishib and Logvinovo were under fire. In DPR during the same period, Ukrainian forces violated ceasefire 16 times, firing 433 shells at the front-line territories of the Republic. The areas Ozeryanivka, Krutaya Balka, Spartak, Veseloye, Yakovlevka, Yasinovataya, Zhabichevo, Yelenovka, Dokuchaevsk, Petrovsky were under fire. During the shelling, mortars, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, grenade launchers and small arms were used.

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