Breaking News, 30th of July, 2018


A delegation from the Syrian government with the permanent representative of Syria to the UN Bashar Jaafari has arrived in the city of Sochi for the 10th round of negotiations in the «Astana» format on the Syrian question, RIA news reported. The meeting will consist of the representatives of the countries-guarantors of the truce in Syria (Russia, Iran and Turkey), and the Special Representative of the UN to Syria — Secretary-General Staffan De Mistura. It is expected that the delegation of the Syrian opposition will take part in the negotiations.

Last night, unknown people fired at the civilians in France. This was reported by TASS with a reference to the newspaper Le Parisien. As a result of the attack — seven people got bullet wounds. Among them — one was seriously injured and, according to the doctors, the wounded person is in critical condition. The police has began an investigation.

Social media report that Russian air defenses shot down two drones of the terrorists that tried to attack the airbase of Khemeymim in Syria. Telegram-channel of »Directorate 4» notes that in the recent weeks the terrorists have intensified their activity. They send the attacking UAVs almost every night at the base of Khemeymim. All the drones are getting destroyed by the «Pantsir S-1» so far. On Saturday’s night — the Russian military also shot down hostile drones near the air base of Khmeimim.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS report from Syria: Russian and Syrian air defenses are in a state of full readiness for conducting military operations. Russian air defenses stopped the attack of UAVs in the city of Jebel. Earlier, the Israeli Air Force attacked the positions of Syrian troops in the north of the province of Aleppo. The airbase of Neurab to the north of the main airport of the province was attacked. In addition, the day before, an Israeli missile shot down a Syrian fighter-jet. Tel Aviv explained that the aircraft allegedly entered the airspace of the country. Syrian authorities announced that they took adequate retaliatory measures.

The American military base «At-Tanf» in Syria has no positive impact on the situation in the country, the Russian permanent representative Dmitry Polyansky announced at a meeting of the UN Security Council. He added that «there is no significant change in the providing of vital supplies to the inhabitants of the Rukban camp, located in a closed zone around the US military base of At-Tanf.»

A conflict occurred in the city council of the town of Konotop, in the Sum region of Ukraine. It swiftly turned into a fight between supporters and opponents of the acting mayor. As reported by the police communication department of the region — during the clashes, 4 policemen were injured, 50 participants of the fight were detained. After the »Victory of the revolution» there is a saying in Ukraine — «If a shout is a proof, then a fist is an argument.»

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