Breaking News, 3rd of November, 2018


Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced that the assassination order on the journalist Jamal Khashoggi came from the top leadership of Saudi Arabia. According to him, there are direct perpetrators of the crime among the 18 people that were detained in Saudi Arabia after the death of Jamal Khashoggi. At the same time, Erdogan underlined that the Saudi Arabia and Turkey maintain friendly relations, and that he has no doubt that the order to kill Khashoggi did not come from the Saudi King Salman. Thus, Erdogan made it clear that he does not consider the murder of Khasoggi a reflection of the official policy of Saudi Arabia.

Florida man entered a yoga studio in the city of Tallahassee and fired at several people, then committed suicide, Interfax reported while citing ‘the Associated Press’. According to the police, he mortally wounded one person, another four are in critical condition. It happened on Friday evening, local time. The identity and motives of the criminal have not yet been established.

ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attack on Coptic pilgrims in southern Egypt, the television channel Al Arabiya reports. on Friday, the terrorists fired on two buses with pilgrims that were heading to St. Samuel Monastery, located in the province of El Minya. 7 people died, another 14 were injured.

The hackers of the US Department of Defense were given the «green light» to conduct cyber operations against Russia in case if Moscow «interferes» with the elections to the Congress on 6th of November, The Daily Beast reports with a reference to the sources, familiar with the situation. The Daily Beast specifies that the parameters of the operation have already been agreed upon by the intelligence community and the Pentagon. The specialists have been instructed to “get access to the cyber systems if they decide that it will be necessary to implement the plan as quickly as possible” — TASS reports. The Daily Beast adds that, according to the American authorities, «Moscow may use more aggressive intervention literally in the very first hours after the opening of the polling stations, or after the start of the counting of the votes.»

Nikki Haley, the US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, sharply criticized the international organization for a resolution, calling on Washington to remove the economic, commercial and financial embargo from Cuba. Nikki Haley underlined that the UN do not want to condemn the human rights violations in Cuba, and this resolution “will not help out a single Cuban family, and it will not feed a single Cuban child” — RIA NEWS reports with a reference to Fox News. Nikki Haley added that the US authorities will not change their position. “The United States will continue to defend the Cuban people until their rights and freedoms are restored. Period. We won’t back down” — said Nikki Haley. She believes that the organization «rejected an opportunity to speak out for the human rights.»

The DPRK warned that they are ready to resume their policy of building up their nuclear arsenal if the United States won’t begin lifting up the economic sanctions, Interfax reported while citing ‘the Associated Press’. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK issued a statement about the return to the policy of economic development and the production of nuclear weapons. This will happen if the United States won’t change their policy on the sanctions against North Korea. The leaders of the two countries, Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, during their meeting in Singapore reached an agreement according to which North Korea will stop nuclear testing and dismantle some of their military facilities.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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