Breaking News 5th of April, 2018


Russian Fishing Department responsible for the Black and Azov sea zones informed about the creation of an operational group to prevent piracy from Ukraine. This was reported by TASS in the press service of the Azov Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries. The group will coordinate the activities of Fishing Department with border control forces, providing information on the locations of fishing vessels in the Sea of Azov in order to prevent piracy from Ukraine» — the press service explained.

Over the past day, Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire agreements 15 times, firing 611 shells at the territory of the Republic. Outer areas of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya and south of the DPR were under attack. During the shelling, mortars, weaponry of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, and small arms, were used. The intensity of the shelling has increased over the past day. Yesterday, the number of munitions, used on the territory of the DPR, was 78 shells.

Militants from the Jays al-Izza group fired at a number of settlements in the province of Hama that willingly went under the control of the Syrian authorities. Previously, residents of six cities and towns decided to entrust the control to the Syrian army. At the moment, Islamists from the «Rastan enclave» are preparing to attack those territories.

China lately demonstrates a high level of friendliness towards Russia. Such conclusion could be drawn from the high level of the Chinese military delegation that arrived in Moscow for the 7th Security Conference. The head of the delegation, the Minister of Defense of China, Colonel-General Wei Fenghe, bluntly underlined that the purpose of his visit was to express a unified position with Russia on international issues. One could call it a complete triumph of healthy pragmatism. A common ground between Moscow and Beijing regarding the main problems and threats to the modern world creates a solid foundation for the cooperation of the two superpowers. As an example, the details of a possible training of the Russian naval pilots on the Chinese aircraft carrier LyaonIn (formerly »Varyag») are being negotiated on the conference.

»Negativity towards Russia from the West is growing. False accusations, various sanctions, various provocations occur frequently. The West is trying to limit Russia by coming up with new sanctions. In response, Russia plans to stop supplying titanium to the USA, and impose sanctions on the export of plutonium and uranium. Aircraft companies such as »Airbus» and »Boeing» are notoriously dependent on titanium supply. The West can experience difficulties not only in the construction of aircraft, but also in military and space industry.» — such was an opinion expressed by the source from the government of Russia.

On 5th of April, the Government of Finland gave permission for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the exclusive economic zone of the state, Interfax reports. 374 of 1,220 kilometers of the pipeline route located across the Finnish territory. Previously, permission for the construction and operation of the gas pipeline in its exclusive economic zone was issued by Germany. Denmark and Sweden are expected to give their permits next.

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