Breaking News, 6th of June, 2018


The long-awaited arrival of the newest, the most expensive and all-weather fighter jets F-35 in Britain was postponed due to bad weather conditions around US military base in South Carolina. According to The Times — the reason of the delay in the arrival of the «all-weather» fighter jets, costing up to 150 million pounds per plane, was a storm, as well as the stormy waves near the US military base in South Carolina. «It is a miserable situation» — RT quotes a source in the defense department of the Great Britain when the source was commenting on the decision of the Royal Air Force to postpone the flight until the weather improves.

Afghanistan approved the deployment of the military contingent of the UAE and Qatar in its territory. The military units of the UAE and Qatar will be deployed in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission «Strong Support» for the support, advising and training. At the moment — the exact numbers of troops that will be sent to Afghanistan are not specified. The date of their arrival is also unknown.

The new naval command of NATO, responsible over the Atlantic region, will be deployed in the USA, and the logistics command will be in Germany. This was stated on Wednesday by the Secretary General of the NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, at a press conference that took place ahead of the meeting of the defense ministers of the NATO on 7th and 8th of June. The secretary general added that the alliance will have 30 battalions, 30 warships and 30 aviation groups in constant readiness starting from the year 2020. «We will approve the NATO readiness initiative ‘4 to 30’, and by 2020, we will have 30 battalions, 30 air squadrons and 30 warships, which in their turn will be ready for action within 30 days.» — TASS quotes Stoltenberg.

The European Union has introduced additional import duties on goods from the United States starting from early July, says the website of the European Commission. The entire list of American products subjected to the new duties will be presented to the World Trade Organization. The statement explains that this decision was the responding action for the duties applied by Washington regarding the import of steel and aluminum from the European Union. This measure is in accordance with the WTO rules, and is intended to compensate the damage to the EU from American duties, which was estimated to be € 64 billion.

Ukrainian troops fired the LPR positions four times over the past day. The settlements of Zhelobok, Sokolniki and Kalinovka were hit. Mortars, weaponry of infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers of various types and small arms were used in the shelling.

In the DPR, over the past day, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire regime 7 times, firing 143 shells at the front-line areas of the DPR. The most intensive bombardments happened at the Donetsk and Gorlovka areas. The northern parts and the suburbs of Donetsk, the Yasinovatoy neighborhood and the outer areas of Gorlovka were under fire.

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