Breaking News, 6th of May, 2018


The Air Forces of Iraq performed a series of air strikes in Syria, on the positions of the command of the terrorist group «Islamic State». «By the order of the head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the Air Force of Iraq dealt a blow to the position of the terrorist commanders of the ISIS in the south of Ed-Dashish, in Syria» — the prime minister’s press service said.

An explosion took place in the Gaza Strip, killing 6 Palestinians. The official representative of the local Ministry of Health, (Ашраф аль-Кидра) Ashraf al-Kidra, underlined that the explosion was had «accidental» nature. Local media report that the explosion occurred when the Palestinians tried to disassemble the old Israeli missile.

The representatives of the White House hired a private Israeli agency to collect dirt on the staff of the administration of Barack Obama. The main task of the detectives is to discredit those exact officials who were involved in the preparation of the «nuclear deal» with Iran, The Guardian reports. Experts believe that the collection of compromising evidence itself suggests that the White House does not know how to break the deal with Iran. On 12th of May, Donald Trump must decide whether extend the agreement, or quit it.

Since 26th of April, the Office of the US Trade Representative has suspended duty-free importation of 155 goods from Ukraine, the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine reported on this Saturday. In total, the list of duty-free products includes 3,500 items. Food, items of woodworking industry and mechanical engineering, as well as some electrical appliances were temporarily excluded. The Ukrainian ministry assures that there is an ongoing dialogue with the US government to resolve the problem. Removing restrictions on duty-free import of certain goods will mostly depend on whether the Ukrainian parliament adopts the draft law «On the Organization of Collective Management.»

The public procurement website »ProZorro» has launched a tender to conduct a sociological survey of the population of Russian regions Adygea, Kalmykia, the Krasnodar Territory, the Rostov Region and the Crimea. The tender was given by the Center of Information and Psychological Operations No. 72 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ria NEWS reports. The cost of the tender is about $ 65,000. The organizers want to find out what the material situation of the inhabitants of the south of Russia is, how satisfied they are with the current authorities and whether they are ready to participate in protest actions. The opinion poll should contain «at least 20 focus-group discussions and 2000 face-to-face interviews at the homes of respondents».

The North Korean Foreign Ministry said that Washington gives to the world public a false interpretation of the actions of the DPRK and thus the USA seek to make the situation on the Korean peninsula worse. Pyongyang warns that the US refusal to reduce the pressure of sanctions, as well as placing strategic weapons on the Korean peninsula and raising the issue of human rights in the DPRK only «cools down the atmosphere of dialogue, and it can return the situation to its starting point.»

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