Breaking News, 7th of August, 2018


On Tuesday the US restored the restraining measures against Iran after Washington pulled back from the international agreement — ‘the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action’. These sanctions represent the first block of restrictive measures and will affect the automobile industry of Iran, as well as trade in gold and other metals. Western mass-media report that the restrictive measures will stop the trade with Iranian contractors on aluminum, steel, graphite, coal, and software for industrial enterprises. The sanctions will affect both the Iranian companies, and the foreign firms that do business with Tehran. The second block of sanctions should enter into force before 4th of November. It will concern the Iranian energy sector, the transactions related to hydrocarbon raw materials, and the transactions related to the central bank of Iran.

The annual public report of the specialized Russian Design Bureau, that deals with the development of active zones of the Russian Navy ships in 2017, reported that the bureau built and tested an active zone of nuclear submarine reactors that do not require the recharging of nuclear fuel. «The development, manufacture and inter-departmental tests of the two transport active zones have been completed — an optimized core for the 4th generation of submarines of the project with a campaign to medium repair of the ship and active zone with a resource for the whole life cycle of the ship.» — RIA NEWS quotes the report.

Christopher Delbruck, the main financial director of Uniper, which is one of the European partners of Gazprom, announced that despite all the political difficulties — the work on the Nord Stream-2 project is going as planned. «The first pipes were laid in Germany at the end of July» — he said during a conference call. As it was explained to RIA NEWS in the press service of the operator of the project Nord Stream 2 AG — right now 10 pipes are being welded into a single network on board of the vessel »Castoro» — they’ll be later dragged ashore with a winch in order to connect the onshore facilities of the Nord Stream 2 with the offshore section of the new gas pipeline. «Simultaneously there are preparatory works in the waters of Finland and Sweden» — the company added.

Reporters of ANNA NEWS reported that in the Syrian province of Damascus, the Christian monastery of St. Fyokla in Maolula, which was previously looted by the terrorists, resumed its work. In the course of the interview, the abbot of the monastery, Father Ilyas, said that the repair work is almost completed. «Life came back to Maolula, so did the church — look how many tourists we have! 90% of repair work is already done. Syria is gradually becoming a peaceful country — how can one not be happy with it?» — said the abbot.

The US State Department looks more and more like a madhouse. Do you remember Jen Psaki, who once said that if Belarus will attack Ukraine — the US will, in response, send the sixth fleet to the shores of Belarus? Heather Noert took her ‘job’ some time ago. She recently announced that the Minsk meeting was held in Lithuania. A journalist Matthew Lee tried to correct her by saying that the city of Minsk is in Belarus. However, Heather Noert replied that she isn’t exactly sure about it, and the documents say that the meeting on the Minsk agreements was held in Lithuania. She added that she would clarify this question. One can assume that the case of Jen Psaki lives and wins.

Ukrainian seaports in the cities of Berdyansk and Mariupol, located on the shore of the Azov Sea, are empty. There are only portside ships left — mostly tugboats. In the seaport of the city of Mariupol there are still one oil skimmer and local longboats. Commercial vessels do not enter the Ukrainian ports of the Azov Sea. Ukraine blames Russia and the Crimean bridge in this desolation. On top of that — Russian border guards constantly check the ships — the checking started only after Ukraine began seizing Russian ships and capturing Russian sailors hostage, thus engaging in sea piracy. But the main reason lies in the decline of the commodity turnover — the seaports have nothing to keep themselves busy.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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