Breaking News, 7th of July, 2018


The British government agreed on the content of the document, which should determine the trade relations between London and the EU after Brexit, Interfax reports while citing Sky News. The document proposes to maintain the free trade regime between the UK and the European Union. Industrial and agricultural products will be added to the common registry for both parties. At the same time, London abandons the common European standards in the service sector, which is one of the foundations of the British economy.

The Syrian government reached an agreement with the armed opposition. According the deal — the terrorists will leave all the settlements of the province of Daraa, after which the Syrian state institutions will resume their work there. According to the agreement — all the border outposts and watchtowers on the Syrian-Jordanian border should be transferred to the Syrian army, TASS reports while referring to SANA. The opposition groups accepted the terms of the deal and proceeded to surrender their weapons.

Italian Defense Minister, Elizabeth Trent, announced the decision to refuse the further purchase of the F-35 fighters in order to comply with the Italian national interests, RIA NEWS reported. Elizabeth Trent also did not excluded a possible reduction of the purchase volume occurred at the end of the term of office of the previous Italian government, even if this leads to fines. During the February of the last year, Italy accused the manufacturer of the F-35 in violation of promises of participation in the program of creation of the fifth generation fighter.

The largest water supply company of Ukraine »Kievvodokanal» warned about the possibility of a complete cessation of water supply to the centralized water supply network of some regions of Ukraine if the supply of chlorine, needed for the disinfection of drinking water, won’t be resumed. The supply of chlorine was halted at the »Dnepr-azot» factory — the only factory in the country that produced chlorine for the disinfection of water. According to the representatives of Kievvodokanal, some organizations have stock of chlorine that will last for only 7-20 days. On 16th of June, »Dnepr-azot» stopped its activities for an indefinite period due to the high prices for gas.

British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she would fire the Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and other ministers if they try to disrupt the Cabinet’s plan to exit the European Union. Theresa May explained that while the Cabinet was working on the Brexit position, the ministers could «express their personal position», but now «comes the time to bear collective responsibility,» RIA NEWS reported while citing »The Times». Earlier it became known that the British ministers agreed on their collective position on Brexit.

Ukrainian troops, over the past day, fired at positions of the LPR one time. The village of Lozovoye was under attack. In the DPR, during the same time period, Ukrainian troops violated the ceasefire 6 times, firing 74 shells at the front-line territories of the Republic. The villages of Gagarin’s mines, Spartak and Vesyoloye near the Donetsk airport, as well as Sakhanka and Petrovskoye in the south of the DPR were under attack. Mortars, grenade launchers and small arms were used during the shelling.

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