Breaking News, 9th of August, 2018


A man from New Mexico is being charged for training children to perform school shootings. As the CBS reports — last week police officers made a search on the «base» built from improvised materials — they found 11 children there, aged from 1 to 15 years old. The children were in an unhealthy state, RIA NEWS reports. According to the prosecutor’s statement — the «owner» of the base, the 39-year-old Siraj ibn Vahhaj taught children how to use assault rifles to use them «violently and illegally.» Ibn Vahhaj stated that he was preparing children for large-scale acts of violence, following the example of what happened in the schools of Columbine or Sandy Hook.

At least seven Israelis were injured as a result of rocket attacks coming from the Gaza Strip. The attacks began during the evening of Wednesday, RIA NEWS reports while citing the statement of the army press service. According to that statement — the army recorded more than 150 rockets and mortar shells coming from the Palestinian side. Israeli military responded with air strikes on more than 140 targets in the enclave’s territory. Yesterday, 4 rockets exploded in the city of Sderot with population of 25 000. Early in the morning a shell hit one of the settlements in Eshkol region.

The Saudi Air Forces attacked the city of Sa’ada in the north of Yemen. According to the local sources — as a result of the attack on the market located in the urban area of Danian — 39 people died, 43 were injured. The coalition forces regularly hit the city of Sa’ada in order to ease the planned assault.

The Balkans are preparing for a new military conflict over Kosovo with the participation of US troops, which may result in a new dismemberment of Serbia. The time that was given to the Albanian authorities of Kosovo in order to form the municipalities for the Serbian communities in the north of the province has expired. It was an agreed condition for the continuation of negotiations between Belgrade and Prishtina. But on the eve of the expiration of the «Serbian ultimatum» — there were rumors about the resumption of hostilities. One Belgrade newspaper reported that Moscow allegedly handed over reconnaissance data to Belgrade, according to which an attack on the Serb enclaves by the forces of the «Kosovo Army» is planned. The military operation of the Albanians will include the occupation of a number of Serbian regions, which Prishtina is claiming, and it will take place under the cover of the operation of the NATO peacekeeping forces of KFOR.

Next year, Ukraine plans to expand the area of the military exercise »Sea Breeze». Peter Poroshenko announced that Kiev is also going to increase the contingent of the participants. The next year has plans for » increasing the contingent of military participants in the exercises, especially the naval forces. And expand the areas of the »Sea Breeze 2019» exercise itself» — the Ukrainian president said. Sea Breeze exercises have already took place in the Odessa and Nikolaev regions, and in the northwestern part of the Black Sea. 19 NATO countries and their allies took part in the exercises.

The US restrictive measures against Russia based on «the case of Scripals» make the system of international law a «theater of absurdity». The Russian Council of Federation is confident that the US use those sanctions to contain Russia and promote their own commercial interests. The parliamentarians also announced the possibility of applying the counter-sanctions. The new measures were called «draconian» by the Russian embassy — the embassy also noted that the American side did not submit any evidence of Moscow’s guilt in the poisoning of the Skripals. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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