Breaking News, 9th of September, 2018


During late Saturday evening, the Prime Minister of Abkhazia, Gennady Gagulia, died in a car crash. The accident occurred about 11:00 pm, Moscow time, near the police station Musser on the section of the route Psou — Sukhum. During the accident, the driver and bodyguard of the prime minister also suffered — they were hospitalized. At the moment they are at home. «Their lives are not in danger — they have abrasions, bruises, and concussions,» — said Rustam Zantariya, spokesman of the republic’s Ministry of Health. A car, coming from the oncoming side of the road, crashed into the vehicle with the Prime Minister. The driver was detained — traces of drugs were found in his bloodstream. The delegation of Abkhazia have returned from an official trip to Syria during Saturday. The accident occurred when the government car column was returning from Sochi airport to Abkhazia.

In Moscow, a Volkswagen Polo car purposely ran into a crowd of pedestrians. «The incident happened on the Novocherkassk Boulevard, near the house number 37. 9 people were injured, 1 person died in an ambulance car» — Tass quotes the words of a source in the emergency services of the city. Among the victims was a 17-year-old teenager. Three victims are in critical condition. The driver, Bekzhan Sarbishev, did this intentionally — apparently there was a quarrel between the visitors at the local cafe, and all the participants decided to go outside to sort things out. A massive fight broke out, and someone took out a traumatic gun and started shooting. Sarbishev got in his car, and ram it into the attackers. All participants of the incident are citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

The authorities of Iraq canceled the curfew in the city of Basra. By the evening of Saturday the city was calm. The protesters said that they will leave the streets and stop their actions. The authorities thus canceled the curfew. Earlier, the head of the security committee in the provincial council, Jabbar al-Saidi, said that «The curfew was introduced to tighten control over the security in all areas of the province». According to the latest information — since the beginning of protests — more than 10 people were killed, more than 50 were injured. The Prime Minister of Iraq, al-Abadi, ordered an investigation of the Basra police structures, the inaction of which led to arson and damage to state property.

The British Defense Minister, Gavin Williamson, ordered to leave more than 200 of British soldiers and civil servants in Germany, The Sunday Times reports while referring to high-ranking sources in the military department. The decision to retain the British military contingent in Germany was motivated by the allegedly present threat to Europe from Russia. Also, by leaving the military in Germany — Williamson wants to point out to Berlin that it needs to spend more funds on defense. Also, the minister believes that the barracks of the UK are «not the most useful place» for the British military. The British military, a part of the united British-German engineering regiment, will leave Germany by 2020, according to Brexit.

In Thailand, in the province of Narativat, a group of Islamic terrorists attacked the local education center. The terrorists shelled the guard post of the education center and the neighboring house. During the attack — the owner of the house was killed, and later a volunteer guard died from heavy wounds. Two people were also injured and later were hospitalized.

The head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, is ready to officially visit Russia, the Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko announced and added that Kim Jong-un received a letter from Russian President Vladimir Putin and he is ready to come to Russia, TASS reports. She added that the preparations for the visit will now begin through the diplomatic channels.

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