Breaking news, December 19, 2017


The US officially accused the DPRK of spreading the WannaCry virus, which hit thousands of computers around the world this May. Thomas Bossert, aide to the president on security issues, made this statement today. «After a thorough investigation, the United States officially considers North Korea responsible for a large-scale attack of the WannaCry virus» the statement said. Bossert refers to the findings of the British intelligence services and Microsoft, which also suggests that the hackers are linked to the authorities of the DPRK.

Moscow transported another batch of military equipment and weapons to Dushanbe. Tanks T-72B1, BTR-80 and BTR-70, BMP-2, Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters, D-30 howitzer, anti-aircraft guns, communication equipment, and a large number of small arms were transferred. It is expected that the strengthening of the Tajik army will strengthen security on the Tajik-Afghan border and create a barrier to halt the spread of terrorism. In total in 2017, Tajikistan received Russian military products worth of $ 122 million. All assistance provided is free of charge.

It became known on Tuesday, that during the ongoing fighting in the west of Yemen, at least 25 hussites were eliminated. Eight hussites were taken prisoner, 16 more were wounded. The armed forces of Yemen continue to be supported from the air by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

The United States vetoed the UN Security Council resolution on Jerusalem on December 18. The document did not recognize the change in the status of the city. The US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley called the resolution «an insult that will not be forgotten.» The United States was the only member of the Security Council that opposed the resolution drafted by Egypt. In turn, the Arab countries called for discussing the status of Jerusalem at the UN General Assembly.

The Syrian government forces continue a large-scale operation to release Abu Duhur’s strategic airbase from opposition militants. Government forces managed to capture a number of settlements in the province of Idlib. The villages of Ruwayda, az-Zahra and Tel Hinzir were liberated, and the key height of Tel-Agar was recaptured. The main immediate tasks will be the liberation of the cities of Abu Dali and Sinjar.

The Russian Supreme Court commuted the verdict against ex-head of the anti-corruption department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Denis Sugrobov. The court reduced the term of imprisonment in a strict regime colony from 22 to 12 years. The former general was found guilty of creating a criminal network of subordinates. Together with Sugrobov, seven others were convicted. All of them were found guilty of excess of authority, provocation of bribes and other crimes.

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