Breaking news, December 9th, 2017


President of the United States Donald Trump said that he is not going to defend the NATO countries that «do not pay» alliance membership fees. According to him, countries that do not pay have nothing to do in the alliance. Let’s recall that in mid-November, he said that thanks to him NATO gains «billions and billions of dollars».

The ex-governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili who was detained on Friday evening in Kiev, and placed in a temporary detention facility, on Saturday night, declared an unlimited hunger strike. This was announced today by his lawyer Ruslan Chernolutsky. «He said that he announced the start of an unlimited hunger strike, he also said that he refuses any compulsory meals, and if a 60-day arrest is applied, he will continue his hunger strike even more,» lawyer claimed.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin said that Ukranian citizens are saving the economy of Poland. «Well, we are really saving the Polish economy, because the Ukrainians work there. I know about the cases when Ukrainians are offered a large salary, because they are more flexible, they are very focused on what they are doing, «Klimkin said. According to the Minister, at the moment there is approximately 1 million Ukrainians in Poland.

The US Armed Forces left the base in Syrian at-Tanf. In September, there was information about such readiness, but no one announced a specific date. There were several bases in this area where «armed opposition» training took place. It was also there where the coalition aviation delivered two blows at government forces that were trying to approach the American facilities. The information is being updated.

ISIS continues to press the «Hayat Tahrir al-Sham» militants in the province of Khama, seizing new settlements. Over the last 2 days, about 85 square kilometers of the territory have passed under ISIS control near the administrative boundary of the province of Idlib. 12 settlements were captured.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the complete expulsion of ISIS fiighters from the country. Earlier, Iraqi troops liberated the city of Rawa, which was the last relatively large settlement of terrorists in Iraq. Yesterday, the Iraqi federal army, along with the «Hashd al-Shaabi» militia, achieved an impressive breakthrough, liberating 11,000 square kilometers of the Western Desert in a day. After that, the troops began to advance along the Syrian border, which was finally taken under control by today.

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