Breaking News, February 23rd, 2018



Turkish artillery hit the Syrian humanitarian convoy heading to Afrin. Turkey used MLRS «Grad» in this attack, which occurred at a time when the convoy was passing through the Ziyara control point. The very same control point that was transferred yesterday by the Kurdish militia to the Syrian government troops. Vehicles with the humanitarian cargo were badly damaged, and the mission personnel were injured. 12 civilians were also injured, one was killed.


Barnaby Joyce, Australia’s deputy prime minister and the leader of the National Party, announced his resignation. He announced his decision due to the heated scandal that Barnaby Joyce apparently had started an intimate relationship with one of his subordinates, and at the same time — he parted with his wife without having issued a divorce. Also this week the media published reports that the deputy prime minister molested other women.


On Friday, security measures were strengthened on the US military base Kitsap, State of Washington, after reporting a threat of an explosion. Yesterday, an unknown man drove up on a jeep to the check-point on the base, who then stated that he had explosive devices on his body and in his car. The driver was detained, and an alarm was posted on the base. The entry to the base is temporarily closed. An investigation involving the FBI has been started since then.


The Montenegrin police believe that the grenade explosion in the courtyard of the American Embassy in Podgorica was not a terrorist attack. «At the moment, we did not find anything suggesting terrorism» — the prosecutor said during a press conference. The motive of the attack is now being clarified. As it has been reported earlier, a former Yugoslav military man threw a grenade in the courtyard of the US embassy, and then committed suicide.


This morning, around 7:30 AM Moscow time, a major accident occurred on the 101st km of the ring road in Saint Petersburg. 12 cars crashed. Three people were injured, two of them — in an average degree of severity, and another person was heavily wounded. Movement on this section of the road is currently limited.


In the evening on Thursday, the military of India destroyed a block-post of the Pakistani army in the Mendhar sector in Kashmir. It was the third block-post, destroyed by India, during this week. Yesterday, in Hajipir and Tangdhar areas, Indian soldiers used grenade launchers and machine guns to shoot at Pakistani posts. Several Pakistani military servicemen died.

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