Breaking News, February 28th, 2018



Over the past day Ukrainian forces fired at the LPR positions five times. This was reported in the defense department of the Republic. The areas of settlements Kalinovo, Kalinovka and Nizhne Lozovoe were under fire. Large-caliber artillery and mortars were used during the shelling.

The United States and South Korea will resume regular joint military exercises starting from April 2018. This was announced today by the adviser of the South Korean president on security issues, Mun Jong-ying. Earlier, the military exercises were suspended for the duration of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The adviser added that in the case of negotiations between the US and North Korea, a compromise can probably be reached.

The Ukrainian court sentenced an ex-soldier of the »Azov» regiment, for the murder of a resident of Mariupol during the fall of 2016, to a fine. The ex-soldier of Azov regiment started a fight with a drunken local resident because of the differences in political views. During that fight he took out a knife and several times struck the local man in his neck. One of the injuries was fatal. As a result, the Ukrainian court sentenced the perpetrator of the murder for two years of service restriction for military personnel, with a reduction of 20% of his salary on a monthly basis.

Terrorists in Syria took an advantage of the introduction of a humanitarian pause and launched an offensive in the suburb areas of Damascus, in East Guta. According to the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, the terrorists are using mortars and are attacking the positions of the Syrian army.

Israel demanded Iran to pull back its troops from the territory of Syria. The demand is based on the information that the Iranian forces allegedly carry a threat to the security situation in the Middle East. In response, the Iranian authorities said that no such statements would stop the country that is helping Syria in the fight against the international terrorism. According to the adviser of the chairman of the Iranian Mejlis, Hossein Abdollahiyan, the Iranian authorities and the Iranian people will support the people of Syria in rebuilding their country that continues to suffer from the terrorist aggression.

After the Syrian air defense forces shot down the Israeli fighter F-16, Israel attacked a number of industrial and military facilities in Syria with a massive missile strike. According to some Information that became available recently — the Pentagon was involved along with the Israeli military. In the course of repelling the missile strike of Israeli medium-range missiles, not only Syrian reconnaissance drones proved to be effective, but also the interceptor missiles as well. Particularly effective were the ones from «Pancir-S» complexes, which are in service of the Syrian air defenses since 2008. At the moment, Damascus has 50 units of them.

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