Breaking News, February 7, 2018


During the past day the AFU violated the ceasefire 10 times, firing 292 units of various ammunition in the front-line territories of the Republic. During the shelling mortars, various types of grenade launchers and large-caliber small arms were used. The areas of eight front-line settlements of the Republic got under the fire of the AFU units. In particular, the area of the central airport, the village of Spartak in the northern suburbs of Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, the suburbs of Gorlovka, and the southern villages of the DPR fell under bombardment. The information about the victims and the destruction is being specified.

During the past day more than 60 air strikes were carried out by the forces of the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia, in several provinces of Yemen. Ten civilians killed and 18 wounded, including children. At the same time, the Saudi authorities announced their intention to provide Yemen with humanitarian aid amounting to $1 billion.

According to the recent reports, 4 people are victims of yesterday’s earthquake in Taiwan. 225 people were injured, 140 people are missing. More than 1,300 specialists take part in the search and rescue operation. In the city of Hualien, three hotels, a restaurant, two houses and a military hospital were damaged. Two bridges got significant damage. Several highways were blocked.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, said that Iskander, the missiles deployed in the Kaliningrad region, are threatening «half of Europe’s capitals». At the same time, the Lithuanian leader welcomes the deployment of the NATO battalion in the Baltic republic. In response, Dmitry Peskov stressed that the placement of the Iskanders should not be a reason for anyone’s concern. He recalled that the deployment of military formations along with the deployment of weapons is a sovereign issue of the Russian Federation.

The CDU/CSU Conservative Party and Social Democrats from the SPD have successfully concluded negotiations on the creation of a coalition in the Bundestag, which will approve the new government of Germany. According to the publication Bild, members of the Social Democratic Party will be appointed to the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Labor. The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Economy will be headed by the representatives of the Christian Democratic Union. The Minister of the Interior will be the leader of the Christian-Social Union Horst Seehofer.

Signatures are collected in Moldova against the unification of the country with Romania. The authorities of more than 50 settlements of Moldova signed the declaration in support of the statehood of Moldova. This was announced by Moldovan President Igor Dodon. «Except for a few lost and paid local elected representatives, the rest of the citizens are strictly against any unionist declarations or actions,» he wrote on Facebook. Let’s recall that earlier the councils of ten settlements of Moldova signed the «declaration on reunification with Romania».

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