Breaking news, November 21th, 2017


President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in Kremlin. The sides noted that the military operation in the SAR is close to completion, but acknowledged that it is still very far from the complete victory over terrorism. Al-Assad admitted that the military operation allowed promoting a political resolvement of the situation in Syria, and many Syrians were able to return home, which they had to leave because of the terrorists. He also said that Syria counts on Russia’s assistance in ensuring «non-interference of external players in the political process» and hopes that «they will only support the process that the Syrians themselves will lead.»

A number of sources such as Hezbollah, government and others report on the completion of the operation of release of Abu Kamal from the ISIS terrorist. As the Syrian agency notes, «with the liberation of Abu Kamal, it is no longer possible to speak of ISIS as an organized structure.» At the same time, the city will still require operations for cleansing and demining. Let’s recall that contrary to the information about the complete release of Abu Kamal, there was conflicting information about the continuation of battles on November 20, and the presence of militants in the city was also confirmed.

The Russian representatives suggested that the United States together with Russia would deliver humanitarian aid to the refugee camp «Er-Rukban», located on the Syrian-Jordanian border. The proposals were sent to the Command of the US forces in El Tanf to organize joint actions to ensure the safety of delivery of humanitarian aid. The Er-Rookban camp is partially located on the «no man’s land» between the borders of Syria and Jordan and belongs to the pro-American zone of de-escalation around the base of El Tanf. 50 thousand inhabitants of the camp have not received humanitarian aid since July.

The Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that terrorism was completely defeated in the republic. «There is no terrorist underground in Chechnya! But attempts to recruit youth continue. Behind this are the Western intelligence agencies, whose minions aresitting in Europe and spend days and nights conducting subversive work on the Internet. However, there is no social basis for terrorists in Chechnya. I confirm the conclusions of international organizations that Chechnya is the only region in the world where terrorism is completely defeated,» Kadyrov said.

The activists of the Polish military memorial society «Kursk» will sue the regional authorities of Poland. The reason for the claim was the liquidation of the mausoleum at the burial place of the Red Army soldiers in Tshchanka. In early September, the cemetery-mausoleum in Tschchanka was destroyed. In 1945, 56 Soviet soldiers were buried here. According to the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, during the demolition in the mausoleum, the remains of the Red Army soldiers were still not removed.

The reaction to the speeches delivered by the Russian schoolchildren in the Bundestag continues. Journalist Alexander Rogers, said that a Russian boy from Novy Urengoy, «repenting» in front of the Bundestag, kept to himself that almost 55,000 soldiers from 90,000 Germans who were taken prisoners were immediately hospitalized because they were on the verge of life and death. He believes that there was «a real sabbath of Russophobia and Nazi revanchism» in the Bundestag on November 19: «For the sake of completeness, the performance only lacked «a Ukrainian Insurgent Army veteran». The main question is who gave this pupil that task, helped to prepare the text and paid for the trip to Germany.

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