Breaking news, November 5th, 2017


President Donald Trump accuses Iran of launching a ballistic missile from the territory of Yemen. The missile was intercepted by Saudi Arabia’s Air Defense Forces. «A shot was just taken by Iran, in my opinion, at Saudi Arabia. You know about that, right? You saw the missile that went out? And our system knocked the missile out of the air, «the POTUS said.

In the town of Khormaxar in southern Yemen, two suicide bombers blew themselves. The first one detonated himself in a car in front of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The second terrorist have penetrated the building andactivated the suicide belt inside. At least 5 servicemen were killed. In addition, the security services had to engage in combat with militants, who sat on the roofs of neighboring buildings. None of the existing terrorist groups has not yet taken responsibility for the attack.

The death toll from the explosion in a refugee camp in the northern suburb of Deir ez Zor in Syria has exceeded 100 people, mostof them are women and children. Let’s recall that on Saturday evening, an ISIS suicide bomber blew up a car bomb in a Syrian center for displaced persons.
A retired head of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont and former members of the government of the autonomy surrendered to the Brussels police, a local media reported. A few days ago, the Spanish authorities sent a request to Belgium to arrest the Catalan politicians.

On Sunday, an explosion occurred in Kirkuk. In the center of the city the suicide bomber activated a belt when a group of Iraqi militia fighters Al-Khashd Al-Sha’bi were passing by. Some other sources claim, that the explosion occured at the headquarters of the militia forces. There are victims. According to preliminary data, six people were killed and at least seven people were wounded.

More than 200 people were detained at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. They gathered for an unsanctioned protest, the majority of them are supporters of nationalist organizations. They carried weapons, knifes, means of individual protection, brassknuckles, all this items are withdrawn. Now the entire perimeter of the square is completely blocked by the police. Earlier, the leader of the extremist movement «Artpodgotovka» Maltsev called on his supporters to go in the streets of Moscow on November 5 to express distrust of the authorities.

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