Breaking News, October 11th, 2017


The road arch of the Crimean bridge is installed today. The shipping on Kerch-Enikalsky canal was suspended for 72 hours to deliver floating supports with an arched span on them that weigh 5.5 thousand tons. The installation of the arch in the design position and the final installation of arched spans on the fairway supports will take about a month.

North Korea has completed the development of a new model of an intercontinental ballistic missile, Japanese media reported referring to high-ranking sources. The space reconnaissance detected the departure of a special train from a military plant in Pyongyang. It is assumed that there was a three-stage version of the two-stage missile Khvason-14 that was tested in the DPRK. It was provisionally called «Khvason-13».

Militants of the «Islamic State» took hostage an unknown number of civilians in the city ar-Raqqa, holding them at several facilities, including in the city hospital. Despite repeated reports of the release of civilian by Kurdish forces, there was no information about the release of the hospital. Earlier, Kurdish sources reported about the missile attack by the Syrian Democratic Forces around the perimeter of the facility.

On Wednesday, the court of the city Thessaloniki granted the request of Russia for the extradition of Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik. But, despite the decision of the court, Vinnik cannot be send in Russia, because there is a judicial procedure at the request of the United States in parallel. Now Vinnik’s case has been referred to the Supreme Court of Greece — Areopagus. The final decision will be made by the Minister of Justice.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine appealed to the Secretary General of Interpol with a request not to declare in an international search four Ukrainian citizens, whom Russia accuses of attacking the Russian embassy in Kiev. «We emphasize the inadmissibility of the using of the channels and mechanisms of Interpol for political persecution of citizens of Ukraine by the Russian side,» the head of the Ukrainian department Avakov wrote in Twitter.

As a result of self-destruct of three suicide bombers on mined armored vehicles in Damascus, six people were killed and more than ten injured. The attack was aimed at the police of the province Damascus.

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