Breaking news, October 17th, 2017


Republika Srpska, which is a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, intends to impede the country’s entry into NATO and insist on resolving this issue through a referendum. «The constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina prescribes that two entities should resolve this kind of issues by consensus, not by voting in parliament,» said the head of the republic’s representation in the Russian Federation, Perovic. He noted that the attempt to draw Bosnia and Herzegovina into the military alliance as it had happened to Montenegro will only provoke the disintegration of the federation.

In Syria, the situation in East Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, has become more acute. In the area of Ain Tarma, the militants of the » Faylaq al-Rahman » group destroyed Shilka SPAAG and the military bulldozer. According to their information, the positions taken by government forces were blown up. To the east, in the area of Al-Nashabiyah, the group «Jaysh al-Islam» announced they repulsed attack of government forces.

The Central police department in the Afghan city of Gardez, Paktia province, was attacked by suicide bombers who detonated two mined vehicles at the station´s entrance. After the explosions, the rebels began to storm the building and a battle ensued. As a result, at least 6 people were killed and 30 were injured. The Taliban movement claimed responsibility for the attack.

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte announced the release of the city of Maravi from ISIS forces and the beginning of the restoration of this city. «I declare that the city of Maravi is exempt from terrorist influence,» the president said. The Philippine army has been fighting for several months with ISIS in the southern province of Mindana, and particularly in Marawi., A martial law was introduced there since May.

The Ukrainian deputies continue to resolve their disputes in a hand-to-hand combat. Once again today the notorious Ukrainian pro-ATO deputy Vladimir Parasyuk faced the former head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Valery Geletei in a «battle». As a result, their skirmish was split by guards, but in the end Parasyuk threatened his opponent with a tribunal «for the Ilovaisky pocket».

Glonass-M space satellite No. 52, put into orbit on September 22, 2017, began its work. Thus, the composition of the satellites of the GLONASS system was brought to the designed number of 24 space vehicles.

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