Breaking news, October 19th, 2017


The Korean Central News Agency has issued a statement in which the DPRK authorities promised to inflict an «incredible» blow on the United States at the «most unexpected moment». «The US, apparently, are insane as they have brought right under our nose those very targets we identified as the principal ones. The US should keep in mind that our blow will catch them in an unexpected time and place, «the agency reports. This statement was made in connection with the military exercises of South Korea and the United States, taking place off the coast of the Korean peninsula.

Suicide bombers has blown up two vehicles in Afghanistan, at least 43 servicemen were killed and nine injured. The target of the terrorists´ attack was a military base in the Maywand district, Kandahar province. Apart from that, six policemen are reported to be dead as a result of an attack by Taliban militants in the province of Balkh, northern Afghanistan.

The US intelligence agencies have discovered that North Korea is building a new large submarine at Sinpo’s shipyard in Hamgyŏngnamdo province. The width of the submarine is 11 meters, the displacement is more than 2 thousand tons. The new diesel-electric submarine is capable of carrying ballistic missiles. A new type of submarine is expected to replace submarines of the Gorae type (November).

The Federation Council of Russia stated that the new missile of the 9K720 Iskander mobile short-range ballistic missile system, which is without equal in the world, makes it possible to resist even a nuclear threat and does not violate the INF Treaty, as its range does not exceed 500 km. According to the representative of the Committee for Defense and Security of the Federation Council, this mobile complex owing to its mobility, accuracy and power will become an important deterrent and guarantee not only of Russian, but also international security, especially taking into account the latest events on the Korean peninsula.

According to ANNA NEWS, in the city of Deir ez-Zor, an operation is underway to clean up the administrative center from the ISIS gang. The operation involves the units of the 5th Army Corps and the participants in the defense — the soldiers of the 17th Reserve Division. Coastal territory and the island of Sakr are cleaned by assault groups of the 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard. With the support of the Russian Air Force, the Syrian military gains control of new areas, cutting off terrorists from the Euphrates River and destroying their gangs, hiding in this area. In some cases in order to preserve the city’s infrastructure the militants have to be forced to the watershed.

The Ukrainian security forces have violated the ceasefire regime 47 times in the DPR over the past day. During the shelling, artillery, tanks, mortars, APCs and IFVs weaponry, grenade launchers and small arms were used. Seventeen front-line settlements of the Republic got under the fire of the AFU.

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