Breaking News, October 29th, 2017


The possible leakage of information from the security agencies of Heathrow Airport investigates in London. Internal check and investigation were begun after a flash drive with documents, maps and videos relating to the security system and to the counter-terrorist measures of the air harbor was accidentally found on the street.

During the attack of militants of the radical group «Taliban» banned in Russia, 14 security officers were killed at the police checkpoint in Afghanistan, in the Khanabad area. One managed to escape. Radicals seized weapons and SUV Hammer.

The Russian-Indian inter-service military exercises Indra-2017 came to an end in Primorye. Their ceremonial closing was marked with a parade in Vladivostok and a flight over the Amur Bay with Russian fighters, helicopters and an Indian military transport aircraft. The military leadership of exercises from the Russian Federation and India, crews of ships, marine infantry, motorized rifles, pilots of the two countries, the guard of honor squadron and the Pacific Fleet staff took part in the parade.

A group of 40 people in masks tried to capture a military unit in Odessa at a quarter to nine on Sunday. The unknown people partially dismantled the fence of the military unit A3571 and removed part of the military property in an unknown direction. The command of the Air Force of Ukraine warns against attempts of the raiding capture and that soldiers during the duty have the right to use weapons.

Kurdish «Peshmerga» and government troops of Iraq agreed to extend the regime of the ceasefire. The agreement was reached at the meeting with the participation of the delegation from the western coalition led by the United States. The ceasefire regime will be in effect until the parties agree on the joint management of the disputed territories.

The enforcement officers of Somalia seized the militants involved in the Saturday terrorist attack in Mogadishu. «The security forces confirm that three of the five terrorists who attacked the Nasa Hablod 2 Hotel are in custody, the other two were suicide bombers,» Abdirahman Omar Osman, the Minister of the Information said. On Saturday, militants blew up the car 600 meters from the presidential palace near the hotel and then they attacked the hotel. According to the latest information, at least 25 people died.

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