Breaking News, October 7th, 2017


The Syrian Arab Army entered in al-Mayadin — the largest remaining stronghold of militants ISIL in the province Deir ez-Zor. A market on the western outskirts, the fortress «Kalat al-Rahba» and the areas Savami and al-Galal are under the control of the government. Also the farms Al-Shabli and the area al-Madfaiyya in the south of the city were liberated. The humanitarian corridors for the exit of civilians are ensured, some of them are held by militants to use as a «living shield» and hostages.

According to the American National Hurricane Center, the tropical storm «Nate» reached the strength of the hurricane, its wind speed is 120 km per hour. It must reach the coast of the United States by Sunday. The regime of emergency situation was previously introduced in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. The authorities of New Orleans enforced a curfew on Saturday evening.

The damage from the actions of «telephone terrorists» in Russia amounted to more than 300 million rubles. Over 130 thousand people were evacuated in 18 cities of Russia, including Moscow, and 310 buildings were inspected by reason of anonymous reports about «mining». Since the beginning of mass calls about «mining» the number of evacuated reaches 900 thousand people from more than 2 thousand buildings in almost 140 cities of Russia. The threat of explosions did prove to be true in no case.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reports that as a result of the air strikes of Russian airspace forces near the Syrian city Mejadin, 80 terrorists of the ISIL were killed, a command post, 18 cars and 3 ammunition depots were destroyed. There were 9 immigrants from the North Caucasus among the killed militants. The Syrian army approached the western suburbs of Meiadin yesterday. At the moment, the Syrian Army is preparing to assault it.

The Iraqi authorities asked Turkey and Iran to close the border checkpoints with Iraqi Kurdistan, and to prevent trade and supplies of oil and hydrocarbons from the territory of the autonomy. Baghdad sent the official address to the embassies of these republics.

The French prosecutor’s office demands the trial of ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy, in connection with allegations of corruption, bribery and concealment of official secrecy. Sources of the local media said that the prosecutor has already signed the request for a trial, but it has not yet been handed to Sarkozy.

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