China won’t negotiate an agreement on the nuclear weapons


Boris Johnson, the leader of the electoral race for the post of the head of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister of the UK, denied the possibility of the support for the US military operation against Iran during a debate with the British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt. “If you ask me ‘would I support military actions against Iran if I become the prime minister’ then my answer is ‘no’” — TASS quoted Boris Johnson. During the debate, he underlined that he doesn’t believe that a war with Iran «represents the reasonable option» for the West. Jeremy Hunt supported the position of his opponent — he too doubted that the US really want to start a military conflict with Iran — British newspaper ‘The Sun’ reported.

The NATO is ready to give a balanced and effective response if Russia quits the INF Treaty — the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced at the University of Toronto. “If Russia won’t return to the fulfillment of the treaty, we will respond with a balanced, reliable and effective deterrence” — TASS quoted the statement of Jens Stoltenberg that was quoted by the NATO press officer Dylan White. Jens Stoltenberg also noted that currently NATO doesn’t see «any signs from Russia» that would indicate that Russia will continue to comply with the INF Treaty after 2nd of August, when the treaty expires.

Despite the restrictions imposed by the EU on Turkey due to the drilling in the Mediterranean sea — the drilling will continue — Interfax reports while citing the Turkish Foreign Ministry. As the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported: “Turkey will continue to defend its rights and the rights of the Turkish Cypriots. Turkey will intensify its activities in this matter” — the ministry announced». The decision of the EU Council shows the bias of the EU to the Cyprus issue. The Turkish Cypriots have equal rights on the natural resources of the area, and yet they are being ignored» — the Foreign Ministry stated. On Monday, the EU Council adopted a number of restrictive measures due to the exploration  work carried out by Turkey in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus.

The law that enshrined the Ukrainian language as the only state language in the country came into force in Ukraine. The law on the total ‘Ukrainization’ should come into force 2 months after its publication on 16th of May. Some parts of the law will come into force with a delay — TASS reports. The law enforces the use of the Ukrainian language as the only state language in all aspects of the public life in the country. It will be mandatory for the state authorities, all the educational institutions, hospitals, and the service sector. The only exceptions are the private communications and the religious ceremonies. The law also provides for the creation of a “language commission” whose responsibilities will include the control over the use of the Ukrainian language.

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