Construction of a Turkish military base in Libya


1 Turkey — Libya

The »Al Arabiya TV» reports, while citing their unnamed military sources, that Turkey is negotiating with the Libyan government of the national accord a construction of a military base near Tripoli. It was reported that the base will have special and naval Turkish forces, a runway, and a communications point. The »Al Arabiya TV» claims that the Government of National Accord is discussing with Ankara a possible purchase of the Turkish military aircraft and drones. On Thursday, the »Al Arabiya TV» also reported, while citing their sources, that Turkey sent militants from Somalia and Kenya to Libya, and concluded the first deal with the Government of the National Accord on the supply of air defense systems.

2 Gaza Strip — Israel

3 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. 2 of them were intercepted by the air defense system «Iron Dome» — the IDF reported. In response to the incoming rockets, the IDF attacked the military infrastructure of the Palestinian radical movement ‘Hamas’ in the Gaza Strip. It was also reported that during the same day — some rockets and balloons with explosives were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel. There was also sniper fire. Israel blamed the Palestinian radical movement ‘Hamas’ for the attacks.

3 Colombia — Venezuela

On Thursday, the president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, rejected the offer of the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to restore the bilateral relations between the countries at the consular level. Ivan Duque called the proposal a «schizophrenia» of Caracas. He added that the restoration of consular relations between the countries is unlikely, «due to the violence from the dictatorship.» The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreasa, twitted that the leadership of Venezuela considers such decision of the President of Colombia to be »an absurd excuse.» “Venezuela has 70 diplomatic missions, 22 consulates, and 78 honorary consulates that function normally. Do approach the issue in all seriousness, as a statesman” — the diplomat twitted.

4 the USA

The CNN reported, while citing their sources in the Pentagon, that as a result of the Iranian missile attack on two US bases in Iraq on the night of 8th of January — the total number of the US servicemen who suffered traumatic brain injuries is 64 people. The medical examination of nearly 250 servicemen is still ongoing. The spokesman of the US Defense Department, Colonel-General Thomas Campbell, announced on Tuesday that 50 servicemen were injured. Earlier, Donald Trump announced that as a result of the attack «no one died, or even got injured».

5 Japan

The Japanese government intends to reconsider their plan to deploy the US-made ground-based missile defense systems ‘Aegis Ashore’ in the Akita Prefecture, in the north of the country — the Japanese minister of defense Taro Kono announced it on Friday, during his meeting with the governor of the Akita Prefecture — Norihisa Satake. Earlier Taro Kono called for a swift deployment of the ‘Aegis Ashore’ systems in the country. While speaking about the issue of the deployment of the missile defense systems near the settlements, Taro Kono insisted on the complete safety of missile defense systems for the local population.

6 Russia — Germany

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone discussion about the American plan for the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — Kremlin reports. Vladimir Putin also noted the need to coordinate the decisions, taken during a conference in Berlin, with the Libyan parties — TASS reports. Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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