Counter-attack of the Syrian Army


1 Syria

The head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yuri Borenkov, announced during a briefing on 29th of January that in response to the aggressive actions of the terrorists — the Syrian forces started a counter-attack. They strike exclusively the terrorist positions, their military equipment, and their groups in the western suburbs of Aleppo and near the cities of Maaret en Numan and Sarakib, in the province of Idlib. Yuri Borenkov added that since 9th of January, 2020, as a result of the terrorist shelling, 211 Syrian servicemen were killed. Over 300 were injured. On top of that — 121 civilians were killed and 254 were injured from the terrorist shelling.

2 The UN — Syria

The UN Secretary General for the Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, during a meeting of the Security Council for Syria, announced that more than 80 civilians became victims of the attacks in the Syrian province of Idlib, from 15th to 23rd of January. According to him, «hundreds of concentrated airstrikes were carried out by the Syrian government and their allies in Idlib». The UK Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Security Council, Jonathan Allen, accused Russian and Syrian forces of »killing hundreds of civilians in Syria». The Russian Permanent Representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, questioned the veracity of the statements, voiced during the meeting of the Security Council on Syria. He called the cause of the escalation in Idlib to be the constant and deliberate provocations of the terrorists.

3 Syria

On Wednesday, the Syrian army entered the city of Khan Touman, which is located to the south from Aleppo. The Syrian forces took control over the city. The »Al Mayadeen» reported that the offensive operation in this area began on 25th of January. The Syrian army managed to push the terrorists away from the strategic heights of Tellet al-Mahruk, which determined the outcome of the battle. On Wednesday, the Rashidin-5 district was liberated from the terrorists as well. The terrorists used that district to shell the residential areas nearby. The Syrian command underlined that the fighting in the vicinity of Aleppo resumed only after the terrorists violated the ceasefire in north of Syria.

4 Russia

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the reports of the mass media about an attack of the Russian Air Force on «a hospital and a bakery», located in Idlib. «The reports of some of the foreign mass media about the alleged bombing of a hospital and a bakery in the settlement of Erich, located to the south from the Syrian city of Idlib, by a Russian warplane on 30th of January of this year is a fake news» — the Russian ministry announced and underlined that «The Russian Air Force did not carry any combat sorties in that region of Syria».

5 Israel

The IDF press service reported that in response to a rocket, launched at the Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip on Thursday — the Israeli fighters and drones attacked several military targets of the radical Palestinian movement ‘Hamas’ located in south of Gaza. The Israeli state radio «Kan» reported that the rocket from Gaza exploded in uninhabited area. There are no reports on injuries or property damage. This exchange of attacks is the first one after Washington announced »the deal of the century» on 28th of January. It was also reported that after the publication of »the deal of the century» — Israel sent additional troops to various areas of the Western Bank of the Jordan river, and to the border with the Gaza Strip, for the security reasons.

6. Palestine

The Palestinian Permanent Representative to the UN, Riyad Mansour, announced that the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will attend the meeting of the UN Security Council. He will submit his resolutions against the US plan for a settlement of the Middle East — »The deal of the century». The diplomat also called the US plan «Most opposite to the peace». Constantine Reztsov, specially for ANNA NEWS.

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