Director of the ‘Holdomi’ tent camp was arrested


1 Turkey — Belarus

The counselor of the Embassy of Belarus in Turkey, Alexander Poganshev, received gunshot wounds after an attack of a mentally unbalanced former military man. The diplomat is in serious condition in a hospital — the head of the department of information and digital diplomacy, the press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Anatoly Glaz told to the ‘Interfax’ news agency. According to him, the counselor received gunshot wounds on his way to home from the Belarusian embassy. He is currently hospitalized. Ankara’s governor, Vasip Sahin, announced that there was no political motive in the attack on the Belarusian diplomat. According to him — the cause of the incident was some dispute.

2 the DPRK

The DPRK launched two missiles from their east coast — the Yonhap agency reports while referring the Committee of the Chiefs of Staff of South Korea. The exact type of launched missiles wasn’t specified. According to the South Korean military — two missiles, aimed at the Sea of Japan, were launched near the port city of Wonsan, at 05:34AM and 05:57AM, local time. Both missiles flew for about 430 kilometers. The intelligence services of South Korea and the USA are analyzing the type of the missiles, launched by the DPRK. According to the military, those were the same missiles that the DPRK tested back in May. At that time, the DPRK announced the testing of a new type of tactical guided weapon, after which they tested MLRS, after which the DPRK launched two short-range ballistic missiles. According to the South Korean authorities — during the launch on Thursday, North Korea tested a new type of short-range missiles.

3 the UK

The British politician Boris Johnson was declared the new leader of the UK-ruling Conservative Party. He officially took over as the Prime Minister of the UK. He replaced Theresa May on this post — back in May she announced that soon she’ll quit her current post due to the inability to carry out the Brexit — TASS reports. In the evening, Boris Johnson began forming the new government. Namely — he appointed the former deputy head of the Ministry of the Interior affairs for the security and economic crimes, Ben Wallace, as the new Minister of Defense. Gavin Williamson, who previously held this post, was appointed as the new Minister of Education of the UK.

4 Russia

On Thursday, in the Khabarovsk Region, the local court arrested Maxim Kuznetsov, the director of the ‘Holdomi’ tent camp, for two months — a representative of the court told to the Interfax. The court is currently deciding on the degree of punishment for the director of the commercial organization that owned the camp, Vitaly Burlakov. As well as for an employee of the Russian Emergency Service — Eduard Novgorodtsev. A fire took place in the tent camp on the night of 23rd of July. 20 tents burnt down, six more suffered from the fire. In total, there were 189 children in the camp, aged 7 to 15 years old. An 11-year-old girl died during the fire. 3 more children died in a hospital from the received burns.

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