Donbass, February 2nd, 2018


Ukrainian government refuses to discuss the law of ‘reintegration’ of Donbass before its implementation, says the chief of DPR’s delegation at the Minsk’s negotiations, chairman of the People’s Republic Council Denis Pushilin. ‘’The reintegration law of Donbass’’, as it is known currently, is actually a law about warfare, and it can’t be implemented on the conditions that are inacceptable for the denizens of the DPR. As for the commentaries from the Ukrainian side on the official Minsk platforms – the Kiev reminds that the law itself hasn’t been signed yet, and there is no point in the discussion of it.’’, explained the speaker of parliament.

A new stage of exchange of prisoners between the DPR and the Ukraine might happen in the February. Thus spoke today the ambassador of the DPR presented at the Minsk negotiations. “A whole year has been spent on preparations for the exchange during the December of 2017. We would like to make a new exchange in the February. However, we do not exclude the improbability of such exchange in the first place, thus it is pointless to discuss the precise date now.’’ said mr. Pushilin.

During the routine checking of the surrounding areas around the building of the Ministry of Defense, which was shot at during yesterday’s evening, two rocket launchers were found. Thus spoke today the deputy commander of the operational command of the republic Eduard Basurin. “In the close proximity from the rocket launcher that was used at the shooting — another one was found. It failed to shoot. The launcher had explosives primed in case of failure, but they didn’t work as well.” – noted Basurin. The deputy underlined that the dangerous objects were rendered harmless at the spot, and sent to the expertise team.

The observers of the special monitoring mission from the OSCE reported violations caused by the Ukrainian forces regarding the pulling back of the armaments from the frontline in Donbass, says the representative of the press service of the OSCE. In the zones controlled by the Kiev there is military materiel such as anti-aircraft missile system 9K33 ‘Osa’ and 18 self-propelled howitzers 2S1 ‘Carnation’, said the representative of the monitoring mission. On top of that, the observers noted 11 tanks being placed outside their specially designated areas. Such act in itself also indicates the violation of the current agreement.

More than 15 thousands of hectares of soil have been examined and demined by the sappers of DPR since the start of the conflict in Donbass, reports the press office of the republic’s ministry of emergencies. The most dangerous areas are the territories of Yasinovatskoe, Novoazovskoe, and Tel-manovskoe districts, as well as the outskirts of the Donetsk, Gorlovka and Dokuchaevsk.

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