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The filming crew of ANNA NEWS was under fire in the village of Kominternovo, which is located on the southern borders of the Donbass Front. This particular village is under fire from the Ukrainian troops on a daily basis. On the day when the reporters of ANNA NEWS arrived at Komenternovo — the Ukrainian troops once again shelled the village. There were injuries.

The residents of Kominternovo told that they are being constantly under fire from the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian soldiers shoot at the civilians on purpose — the local people have to literally crawl away from their gardens while being under fire.

Kiev organized a provocation in the Kerch Strait in order to impose the martial law in Ukraine which would prevent the presidential election in the spring of 2019. This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LPR — Vladislav Deynego during the negotiations in Minsk. He called the provocation in the Kerch Strait a «home work» of Petro Poroshenko, which is a part of his ambitious plan aimed to disrupt the presidential elections.

On 26th of November, Ukraine once again disrupted the mutual withdrawal of troops that was agreed upon by the Minsk Agreements in the zone ‘number one’, near the village of Luganskaya. This was reported by the head of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Colonel Mikhail Filiponenko. The staff of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission that was presented in the zone on the side of the LPR, during an interview with Vladislav Daneygo, confirmed that they saw a flare of the People’s Militia. However, the members of the same mission located on the Ukrainian side only heard the sound of the launched flare, but they didn’t see it because of the overcast weather.

Ukrainian saboteurs had casualties on their own minefield while attempting to infiltrate the territory of the LPR. At least 5 Ukrainian servicemen died. This was announced by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko.

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