Donetsk and Horlivka under the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


1 Donbass

The Ukrainian troops shelled the outskirts of the city of Donetsk, and the town of Gorlovka. The settlement near the mine «Trudovskaya» in the west of Donetsk, and the village of Ozerianovka in the south-west of Gorlovka were under fire as well — the DPR representation in the Joint Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire stated. According to the information from the Gorlovka’s administration — a power line in the village of Ozeryanovka was damaged by the shelling. More than 200 people were left without electricity.

2 Black Sea

«The USA will maintain a military presence in the Black Sea, and will conduct operations whenever necessary» — the Pentagon’s spokesman John Kirby responded to a question from the reporters about on a significant increase of the NATO aviation flights in the Black Sea region. He clarified that he can only comment on behalf of the US Department of Defense, not entire NATO. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that over the past day, the Russian anti-aircraft missile forces tracked 3 NATO scout planes over the Black Sea. Earlier the Russian Ministry of Defense noted that the USA are studying the Black Sea as a theater of military operations in case of a possible escalation in Donbass.

3 Black Sea

On 11th of November the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it had recorded an increase of military activity of the USA and their NATO allies in the Black Sea region. The ministry specified that the intensity of operations of the naval forces, air and naval scouting elements, as well as strategic aviation, have increased even more.

4 Belarus — Poland

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked Vladimir Putin to intervene to resolve the situation with the refugees on the border of Belarus and Poland. In a telephone conversation with Putin, Merkel underlined that «the use of migrants against the EU by the Belarusian regime is inhuman and completely unacceptable» — the official representative Steffen Seibert stated. She asked Putin to ask the regime in Minsk to do something. Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to interfere. The German mass media and officials have already accused Moscow and the ’Aeroflot’ airline company of transporting and even smuggling citizens from the Middle East to Belarus, in order to put pressure on the EU. In the border zone between Belarus and Poland, thousands of refugees are currently stuck in difficult weather conditions, since the EU doesn’t want to accept the migrants. Observers expect the situation to get worse.

5 The EU

The EU High Representative Josep Borrell is pushing for a European response force of 5,000 servicemen by 2025. This is part of the «strategic vector» that Borrell presented to the ambassadors of the 27 member states, and which the EU foreign ministers will have to discuss on Monday. Borrell stated that the mission scenarios for the EU’s Rapid Deployment Capability will be decided in 2022. Regular military exercises will be held from 2023. These response forces won’t become a competitor, or alternative to the NATO — the nearly 30-page text stated.

6 Spain

The EU defense ministers will discuss the situation on the Belarusian-Polish border on 16th of November — the head of the Spanish military department Margarita Robles stated. “What is happening in Belarus is a hybrid threat, a way to threaten the country. And the worst thing is that they do it with the help of people, refugees, who are being used as throwing weapons, let me put it this way. Europe can’t be a territory with barriers, walls. This can’t be allowed. Next week, on Tuesday, there will be a meeting of the EU defense ministers, and I am sure this topic will be discussed as well» — Robles stated in an interview to the ’’Antena 3’’ TV.

Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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