Drone strikes the peacekeepers in Transnistria


1 Transnistria

The Investigative Committee of Transnistria reported that an UAV dropped 2 explosive devices on the peacekeeping forces. «An unknown UAV dropped 2 explosive devices, likely RGD-5 grenades, on the vehicle fleet of the reserve unit of the Transnistrian peacekeeping forces, near the village of Vladimirovka. There were no casualties or damage» — the Investigative Committee’s press office reported. At the end of April, several terrorist attacks took place in Transnistria. The Department of the State Security was attacked with grenade launchers. The antennas of one of the biggest regional radio and television centers, located in the village of Mayak, were destroyed. The military airfield near Tiraspol and the ammo depot near the village of Kolbasna, in which about 20,000 tons of ammo, left in there after the Soviet troops left the European countries, were attacked as well. The ammo depot is guarded by the Russian Special Task Force — the TASS reported.

2 Donbass

The territorial defense HQ of the DPR reported that a full control has been established over 229 settlements, including the towns of Zeleny Gai and Petrovskoe. «On 6th of June, the DPR and the LPR forces, supported by the Russian forces, fully liberated 229 settlements in the DPR, including the towns of Zeleny Gai and Petrovskoe» — the DPR HQ reported on the Telegram channel. The battles for Svyatogorsk are still on-going — the RIA NEWS reported.

3 Donbass

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on 6th of June that the Russian military engineering squads of the Russian Airborne Forces are clearing the farmlands of the liberated areas of the LPR. “Requests for such work are being received daily. The only difficulty is the sheer scale of such work. The weather conditions make the job a little harder as well. However the combat engineers of the Russian Airborne Troops carry out the demining work on a daily basis, as well as any other assigned work. «We work in pairs for half an hour, almost every day» — a serviceman from the engineering unit of the Airborne Forces reported.

4 The UK — Ukraine

The UK’s Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace stated that the UK will supply Ukraine with US-made MLRS ’M270’, capable of hitting targets up to 80 km away. «London takes such decision during the changing tactics of Russia» — Ben Wallace explained. The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, confirmed the delivery of the MLRS ’’M270’’ to Kiev. After such news, Vladimir Zelensky stated that the UK will indeed continue to provide help to Kiev, including the military help. The UK and the USA continue to arm Ukraine, despite the recent warning from Moscow. Vladimir Putin stated that Russia will draw conclusions if the West supplies Kiev with longer-range missiles. Vladimir Putin warned the West about the consequences of anti-Russian hostilities. He explained that “Moscow will use its own means of destruction. They are enough of them to strike the targets that have yet to be affected» — end of quote.

5 Sweden

A NATO fleet under the command of the USS LHD-3 ’Kearsarge’ has arrived to the port of the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. The fleet will take part in the ’BALTOPS-22’ training, which takes place in the Baltic Sea from 5th to 17th of June. Aside from the representatives of the US Navy, the navies of Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, Sweden, and Finland will take part in the training that includes the participation of naval and ground forces. The command of the training reported that more than 4,000 people from the naval, air, and ground forces are being involved. More than 60 aircraft and 40 ships of various classes are being used as well.

6 Italy

Social activists and residents of Rome made a demonstration in the city center, during which they began collecting signatures for an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. The Italians are calling for an investigation of the crimes of the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass region since 2014. The organizer of the civic action, Amedeo Avondet, told to the RIA NEWS the details of the event. He explained that on one of the squares in Rome they have counted about 1000 participants in the rally. «Given that today was plus 33 degrees of Celsius — I didn’t expect that there will be so many people. We declared the need to get Italy out of the economic war frenzy by lifting the sanctions. The shipment of weapons only fuels that conflict» — the RIA NEWS quotes Amedeo Avondet. Constantine Reztsov, specially for the ANNA NEWS

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